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In the last week, there have been 8-10 members that have been complaining about each other.  I have removed a couple people from the site, but most of the comments presented seem pretty benign to me.

When I created this site, I had no idea what it would become.  I quickly learned how little I knew about Irish Setters even though I had owned them for 15 years.  I am not a breeder, don't do shows, don't do agility, don't do hunting or field, usually get rescues (exception being my current ones).  I think all of the above are great, I just don't know anything about them nor do I really care to.  It's obvious these are topics that people on this site are passionate about, and that's great, there just not for me.

As I have mentioned before, I left this site because people were rude to me.  There's at least 1 of the 8-10 members that were one of the ones who ran me off so I can understand the complaints against this peson.

It seems like some of these discussion topics are like politics, you aren't going to change people's minds, so why try to?

Have been pondering some options:

A. Ban the other 8-10 members

B. Leave the site as is

C. Remove the discussion forum altogether

D. Transition ownership and moderation to someone else (note annual costs on the site are around $300 USD and those would transfer as well)

E. Ban any discussions on breeding, health issues, or other controversial topics

F. Shut down the site altogether (really don't want to do this)

What are some other ideas?

I want to get feedback on other ideas and then you are going to vote as a community.  Please reply with any suggestions, then will create another thread to vote later this week.



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ES is a very special place. Photos, blogs, groups within groups, Such a varied membership from all around the world. If you were trying to compete with an alternative it would be tempting to try and ruin it. I only have to look at those comforting words; Created by Gene. to feel we are in good hands. If I tire of the forum I just click on photos and my heart lifts with every wonderful setter. Posted proudly by their proud setter owner. I think the number of members of ES is a truly wonderful thing. Gene has been very generous in allowing so many Irish Setter lovers to gather in such a wonderful setting. Again I say thank you Gene.

Thank you James for your commonsense - those 3 posts were just what was needed to put things in perspective

Well said, James!

I think it is time for calm and reflection for Exclusively Setters now and not knee jerk reactions and take a little time out and resist from judgement and challenging members. 

For the sake of peace and respect for all and also to honour these awesome four legged redheads (or R&W or Black or White & Orange or Blue!!) who we all love so passionately.


Gene - before offering any suggestions as to how the site should "go forward" it would be very useful to know just how the site is administered at present? Many strange things have been happening in the last couple of days, comments dissapearing, posts dissapearing and now people dissapearing as well! It would be useful to know exactly who has the authority to "modify" the site and it's membership so that we would know whether all was working correctly.

I for one would love answers to the above.  I donated to this site some time ago when requested and I'd just like to be clear about who is running it and who is being administrator and sensoring/punishing other members.  I am absolutely perplexed as to why such a valuable contributor such as Barbara Gladwish should be suspended.  I have found her a lovely person and love all the photos she puts up keeping us overseas people up to date with what is being shown in the English shows.  I note that others who are quite abusive towards other members are still on ES - sorry but it doesn't make sense to me.  Please explain so I understand.

You are both members of Setters Worldwide  , the closed group on facebook Nardia, perhaps you could ask Barbara directly.  Gene's reply on this forum to any of us that have questions was very straight forward and open. It is still on here on Anne's forum post. Hopes this helps.  



Well Rhonda, as far as I understand Barbara is perplexed as are several other people and is awaiting an official reply.  Why isn't there openness and courtesy of an response when something as serious as suspending someone happens.  I like manners and respect for others even when you don't agree with them or even like them.

This post appears to be similar to the post of Anne Jansen. Please read Gene's response. Please show him some respect. Again, I know Gene can stand up for himself but I feel appalled by some of the comments being made. This is my personal opinion which I am entitled to. 

If members are not happy with what is going on, why don't they simply leave ES. Those left will somehow manage to survive as long as we have Gene.

I don't believe Gene would suspend anyone for not being in agreeance or because of a like problem. Too much intergrity from what I can tell. Talk to Barabara and Gene directly. It is always a useful way to get the information don't you think. As far as suspended members talking to Gene, no comment as they are no longer members. Water under the bridge. Off to have a look at more Irish in snow. :-)


I know Gene can stand up for himself but I have to say what I have to say. Many of us willingly donated to the site to help Gene. This was voluntary. 

All internet forums are moderated. Against my better judgement I was talked into joining internet forums to spread the word about my stolen English Setter, Beau. None of the forum administrators ever revealed the names of those who had complained. I have never been a member of an internet community which has been managed as well as Gene. Obviously Gene is the site administrator. He created this site to bring together lovers of Setters, including the white ones with spots who I own and love.

As for comments and posts disappearing, why are you asking Gene about this. Members are allowed to leave the site and they are allowed to delete comments they make. I'll give you a personal example: Because an Australian ES member I had helped in the past behaved dishonestly and insincerely I did not want my comments or the photos of my precious dogs shown on her group so I deleted all of them. This is my business. This is my decision. This has nothing to do with anyone else.

What continues to perplex me is the claim that experienced breeders have been driven away from ES. These members made the decision to leave. They are grown ups. They need to accept responsibility for their decision.

What also continues to perplex me is the misguided perception that only breeders can gain experience about health issues. Non breeders can gain an enormous amount of experience not only about health issues, about training and every aspect of responsible dog ownership.

It is well recognised that if one human being makes a statement to say 10 others, each of those 10 others will interpret the statement differently. Therefore, all each one of us can do is to take responsibility for ourselves. Sometimes we make mistakes. Every being, animal or human, deserves to be treated with respect. I will give another personal example: I was attacked on ES for telling the truth that none of the English Setters who have been desexed since I have owned them have suffered coat problems from being desexed. My poor darling English Setter, Hobson who has been almost killed by vets; who needs me to give him a great deal of care every single day; and whose fight to continue to live is extraordinary, is now growing a very healthy coat at a very "old" 9.5 years of age and he was desexed in 2011.

I only hope that ES will continue and that Gene will continue to be the site administrator.

Susan, you have explained it perfectly and it does make sense. I hope Gene carries on with being the administrator here and we can go back to how it was when we were first on the site!




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