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Is this a cosmetic thing mostly? Are there other reasons?
I did not even know this was done until this year when we got a new puppy!
I love clipping dew claws - way more fun and easy than the other claws lol!

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I personally, have never heard of this. Surely a vet would only do so for health needs? Maybe other members will be able to comment. Welcome to ES by the way!

Thanks, I'm happy to be here!
I have also remembered, since I posted this topic, that my first Irish ( red, not red and white) had a funny dew claw on one leg, kind of double with a wobbly bit. I don't know what all that was about but it never bothered him to my knowledge! It probably would have been a bit disapproved of in a dog show though, maybe ("Points off for this twiddly thing on your dog's leg!"). I've never gone in to all that so I don't really know what they judge on.

I have never had any of mine removed but I know some breeders like to have it done. They say dogs can pull them out when running in woods. In over 30 years now with several Irish setters I have never had any problems with dew claws and yes my dogs do field training too! :-0

In years gone by, dew claws were often removed for working dogs incase of ripping or damage. However, it is rare for this type of injury to occur, so dew claw removal is usually not undertaken. I have heard that a vet would remove them at a few days of age without anaesthetic, so that must have been a traumatic experience!

I dont remove dew claws either, as in my experience, dogs do use them when holding bones and to scratch aroung the ears or top of their head!!!  ;) My dogs do anyway. I have never had a problem with dew claws!!!! I was chastised by a UK breeder once when she saw that I had not removed dew claws from my dog????? Quite arrogant about it, in fact!! I also dont cut off whiskers on my show dogs ;) They need them too ;)

My 10 year old male has his dew claws. We rescued him at the age of 3 years old. We bought our puppy from a breeder and her dew claws had been removed before we got her. Our only negative experience with the dew claws is with snow balling up in his feet which results in him chewing them out. So we have been putting boots on him to avoid the problem. The dew claws get in the way of where the boots cinch up. I've been through several brands of boots and the dew claws always present a problem. Either I tuck them in the cuff of the boots and they get sore or they hang over the top of the cuff and get sore. I would never consider removing them though at his age. After we noticed our little girl's lack of dew claws I did some research and found that some breeders remove them at 3 days of age. I'm guessing that's when her's were removed because they were completely well healed when we got her at 8 weeks. From what I've read if they're not removed at this early age it's like cutting off someone's thumb after they've learned to use it! The breeder we bought from uses her setters on a dog sled team (what a sight!) and for hunting, not showing. I've seen our boy use his dew claws to grip items he chews on but the lack of doesn't seem to affect our little girl. I suppose it's personal preference.

Great idea and wonderful pictures. I had tried Musher's Secret but it made his feet so slippery in the house and worked marginally well in the snow. I'm thinking of trimming the hair on his feet but haven't done that yet. We haven't had much snow this year so it hasn't been much of a problem.




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