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Hello everyone 

I am just wondering whether any of my fellow setter owners have ever had a problem with any wormers in particular Milbemax ?

Recently my parents came to stay to look after the puppies, dogs and my children, they brought with them Frank who is brother to my two puppies. I had just been to my vets for jabs and wormer and they supplied with Milbemax a broad spectrum wormer that kills round worm, tapeworm, heart worm, hook worm, lung worm  can't remember anymore but you get the jist I had used it before on my bitch and for the cats as well. 

My parents had just got a wormer from their vets that only killed round worms and so I mentioned this to my father and he agreed it sounded better and he promptly set of for my vets surgery as isn't far up the road. He had the weight of his pup and because my vets had seen my litter. The nurse then provided him with 1 tablet and he came on home. Now my father isn't inexperienced in these matters as he was a farmer and had bred setters oh back 40 years ago.

That evening they wormed all the pups and mum. My daughter helped him and all went well.

On the Sunday they noticed that Frank was not his usual self and had the runs. They then left and went home by Monday morning Frank was even worse didn't want to get up, still had the runs etc so off to the vets they went. Their vet kept him in as they thought it was touch and go on him surviving the night. They could only come up with one conclusion that he had an over dose of the wormer. When we did a little investigating we found that my 2 puppies had been given a puppy dose of the tablet but Frank had been given an adult one. Because he was over 10kg he could have a adult one so the vet wasn't liable in any way !!  They also said the only way they could prove it was to give it to him again ?? I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

So the question is anybody else have any reactions to this wormer ? Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Pippa, here in Switzerland Milbemax is THE wormer you get after many years of Drontal Plus leading the market. Mine have no problems with it. But I once had a real disaster after worming -a nightmare!!-bought once a wormer ( Cestem) at Crufts & the 4 adult dogs were like poisend, diarrhoe& vomitting the whole night-I felt so sorry for my lot...since than I am a bit wary and as most of the girls are between 25-28 kg I only give them 1 Milbemax pill although it is for the weight of 25 kg but wont let any strong chemical bombs loose again, and the vet serms to agree.

A number of my dogs over the years have had horrible reactions to Drontal.  In fact, I thought Drontal was going to kill one of my dogs who was acting as though she was being stung by a hive of internal bees within an hour or so of having the tablets, which really scared both me and my partner.

One of my current dogs Barkley was writhing in agony out in the garden shortly after I dosed him.  However, neither he, nor any of my current dogs have reacted to Milbemax. No reaction what so ever, in fact I have been very pleased with it, Because of the very nature of wormers, how they work etc, I have now decided  to use a non pharmaceutical approach and routinely add Diatom Pest (food grade - very important - must be food grade) to their dinners.  In fact because of the mineral content it would probably do them good to add it to their food more often, and to mine as well. It is extremely good for humans, not just to eradicate nasty things, but because it contains minerals which are good for human and other animal life.

Hello and happy new year to everybody!!

sorry for deviating the original post (i cant comment on milbemax), but I am just wondering: i see some concerns (in this and other past blogs) about using drontal.. we use this regularly for Oberon (every 3 months, and is always prescribed by the vet after checking the weight, although now that Oberon is grown -2.5years- the dosage is really stable) and we had no problems at all.. what is the danger that people has found with this product? is something related to an allergic reaction (so in our case is not the worry) or is  the continuous use that creates long-term issues? maybe we should ask the vet her opinion on milbemax (since, as fran said, is available in the uk?)

thanks !!! cheers silvia

Fran, just wondering what dosage rate do you use for your setters? I use food grade diamathous earth, would this be the same? the packaging states clearly for humans and animals. It's widely used in animal husbandry especially in organic farming. But I have only ever used it as a flea deterrent as I'm not sure of dosages. Thank you Dianne and Irish

Hi Dianne....I thought I would reply as I treat my dogs the same as Fran...The dosage I found on line is 20lb-50lb 1 tablespoon....1 1/2 tablespoon.....50lb+ 2 tablespoon....100lbs+ 3-4 tablespoons......do not stop the treatment for at least 3/4 wks.....you can not overdose but you can underdose.....and what you are using is the same...

hope this helps


Thanks for replying Jen :-) How do you find using it for flea control Dianne?  I had very very dusty dogs and a very dusty house, but it did the trick :-)

Hi Fran, I found it worked for fleas quite well but I do agree with you that the dust is a problem as it's extremely fine and that's one thing stated in the packaging. I now use it on their bed mats in-between washing and on a day bed that they all use outside. I'm still unfortunately dosing them with comfortis from time to time in summer. Thank you for the dose rates for worming Jennie, I was quite keen to know I've never been keen on worming tablets but realise it's a necessary evil :) Take care Dianne and redkids.

Hi Dianne

I feel the same about wormers.... I believe that any thing you take to kill whatever must have some effect on us and our dogs be it short or long term I used to use drontal on my old girls and looking back yes they did have effects from it....After a lot of research which is still ongoing Riley 19months and Cassie 20months..do not have any overdosing of chemicals..we went the whole summer last year with not one flea- tick or worm and not any chemical was used....just herbs and essiental oils..and I am pleased to say they are very healthy dogs....I try to build a strong immune system and up to now I am  very pleased with the effects on them...wishing you all the best with your red babies.....

I would never use Drontal as my bitch had a very bad reaction to it, lots of pain and vomiting for hours after. I have used Milbemax now for years with no problems!

thanks everybody! I will certainly ask our vet about milbemax next time we are due. However, we may wonder if it is a good idea to change from a product that seems ok for oberon so far: so, regarding the drontal, i still dont understand if the bad reactions occured at the first time (so several dogs may be  kind of allergic/intolerant to the product) or if this is something that can occur suddenly, even if the dog has been using the product several times before?

Up until my mum had this problem with the wormer given to her Frank I had never experienced any problems with any wormer. It is interesting reading everyone's responsive's to this question.

I will keep giving my setter's Milbemax at the moment as they haven't reacted so far and really don't want to be messing around swapping wormers, as sounds like other wormers have been causing some problem's too, and at least they haven't reacted so far but will be watching closely for any problems.

I might look into this Diatom pest that you use Fran as you have had some good results.

Thanks for the info though it really is interesting hearing other peoples opinions etc.




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