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For those who live in Queensland, is everything ok?


I send you and all your dogs my best wishes and that all goes well for you!




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the whole situation is awful. If I could help from Sydney I would. Watching the news I felt like I would like to go there and rescue the dogs and cats. It will take some time to rebuild and the personal tramua is something that for some that will never recover.

Hi There


Thanks for your concern.  We, at Mackay, are thinking about how extremely fortunate we have been this season as we are part of the 25% of Qld not under flooding, but with the wet season still ahead of us, who knows!!   

I find it so difficult to contemplate the enormity of the destruction and devastation South and West to us with such a tragic loss of life.


Our other ES members who live in Queensland that I know should be OK as they are on the North side of Brisbane or out west of here.  I know we have members down Gold Coast way, but I hope they are OK too.


As the flooding is now heading into NSW and Victoria and Tasmania and I also see parts of SA, I hope all the families and their animals are safe and dry.

Eunice and Cheryl, thanks for your "report". Sitting here in Perth, I feel helpless, too. We have a real dry and hot spell here, imagine!


I so wish that people who need shelter can take their animals with them. I worry about our fellow humans, but I worry about our four-legged fellow creatures just the same.

yes... our four legged are so helpless. Did you see the brown snake with the frog on its back last week on the news. I hate snakes but I did feel sorry for them. It is very hot in Sydney and humid and we live high from the sea although our insurance company said we lived in a flood zone. I have changed companies... but of trivia. 




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