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What a weekend...still tired, but happy as can be. Former DDR - east german republic - is still a journey into the past. Although the trials were held within 1hours drive from big Berlin, many things havn't changed during the last 20 years.

Trial ground was a great variety of huge huge fields of several square kilometres, little willow-bush islands and special protected nature area with lots of crane, swans, geese, ducks, pheasants, snipe as well as wildpigs, roedeer etc. Swamp, moor, boggy land, agricultural fields, reed what ever you want...we had it !

First day had a spectacular FT couple with a highlight of ISD RUSSELL'S KISMET aka "Eli"/Andreas Lohmann out with a PD. First several roedeer left trial ground. Dogs kept concentration. Eli circled another group of deer several hundred metres away from handler and ignored them in best way. PD came there next cast and decided to bring them back into the woods with full throat, driving them between Eli and handler. Pointer out, Eli being a good boy and continued. Final result of a high 1st VG for ELI ! Lacked a little bit of obedience inbetween, but the rest...yippee.


Sundays FT solo was won with a really great run, ending into a 1st EXC by ISB LOHMANN'S RIEKE/ Andreas Lohmann, runner-up with a 2nd VG IRWSD LOHMANN'S ARON / Christiane Lohmann.


And finally...junior class saw a young 11 ys. old girl named Julia Lohmann, handling her own and selftrained ISB LOHMANN'S SISSI. Both came home after a ten hours trial marathon with highest score of the day, 67 points ! Final point was breathtaking and judges praised the team and promised a bright future. Maybe I can retire now;-)))


Hope to find the cable for our camera to post some pics...

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Well done Christiane, Andreas and Julia;o)) Look forward to some photos!!
IRWSD LOHMAN'S ARON - first slip going really great in open fields, but no game. Second slip was in bog marsh...gamekeeper warned me not to go far left as wildboars where in small bush islands. Small chance for pheasant cock, but impossile to get close to the dog who held firm point. Too much swamp between us.;-((( Another short point on a single hen wing, which I collected as souvenir. Third slip he finished with a precise point on another pheasant cock ! Yippee.
And our daughter Julia with her beloved LOHMANN'S SISSI...




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