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do you show , hunt , obedience , doggydancing with your gordon , or just love to make long walks with them ?

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Hi Yvonne, i do everything you wrote accept doggydancing with my dogs. We love to walk, hunt, show, play flyball, join the obedience and agility lessons. It takes a lot of time, but my dogs and i enjoy the teamwork every day. They never have an off-day, so we do nice things all the time. Also they love to join me when i go cycling, so they can run a lot with a lot of joy.
you must be a busy woman , Marloes , i also love to show , try to learn my boys how to hunt , i learned Pelle some tricks for dancing , make long walks with them and also running near the bike
Hi Yvonne, I love to go for long walks with my Gordons and also to show them. I have done agility with one of them and I'm thinking to do some hunting training with Achilles (our whirlwind). I just love to spent time with them and I take any chance I have to go and do fun stuff with them.
Hi Yvon, I have hunt and show with Dunga, there has been removed a tumor from his back and since that time he loves his retiring. Now I'm training with Skip, I want to hunt with him, and sometimes we go on a show.
We also like to take long walks (if it's too long for Dunga whe bring the doggyride with us, so he can enjoy also on our walks).

And we like to take picture's with Dunga's brother Beer and Skip his uncle Pelle and also with Kimmo, the red devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Red Devil, Cora???? The little red man is still a (beautifull) baby boy, haha.
Hi everyone!
I'm a gordon and irish setter fan from Finland!
I have too gordon girls, and we are active in showing. Some home obedience and outdoor activies are also our favorites. I'm also starting my breeding, and I have a litter planned for our older gordon girl for next spring.
We have a very large yard, and our dogs can spend as much time outside as they want to, and I love to play with them outside too.
welcome here hope to hear more from you , my husband judged the open show a few years ago in finland, was lots of fun and very interesting
Hi Marjo, welcome here and hope to hear more from you. How old are youre Setters?
Our younger gordon, Tina, is now 16 months old, and the older one, Tara, is 2 and half years. She just won Best Of Breed in groupshow here in Finland two weeks ago. There's photos and pedigrees of my girls in my homepage, www.xenarankennel.com. Galleries are still under construction, but I will finish them when I have the time.
Tara and Tina are my first gordons, but definitely not the last ones :))

I had dreamed about having gordons since my childhood, and after I got married and my husband and I built a house in the countryside, I finally got gordons too. When I was living with my parents several years back, whe had a red setter boy and a bracco italiano girl, and there was no room for more dogs then.
But now we have two red girls too, and as I mentioned before, I'm starting my breeding after dreaming about that since childhood as well.

I'm pleased to meet you all here. This is a good way to create connections between other gordon setter owners, and hopefully learn something new about this wonderful breed at the same.
Nice to meet you. I think it's great that we can create connections with Gordon Setter lovers all over the world.
I had a look at you're website and you have beautifull dogs.
Great web-site, beautifull dogs!!!
Hi there,

I'm new around here and I signed up because I really like this website and love everything to do with setters. My Gordon is 17 months now and as he's from hunting stock so I've started field training with him here in Scotland and he really loves it. I work him once a month in the field but also do obedience training once a week and have shown him twice so far. We moved to Scotland from Switzerland a few months ago and he seems to enjoy it over here.

Thanks for setting up this group!




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