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For those of us who don't like doing all the prep work with the raw food you can buy from places like these below. I get Rosco's tubs of lamb, lamb necks, rib and spines from Natural Instinct. I buy all my bulk items like the lamb chunks, mince etc from a supplier in Northern Ireland. 


http://www.naturalinstinct.com/ (expensive)






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 An adress in the Netherlands.

Honeys looks so good, but they want about £135 a month to feed my boys :(

I get mine delivered from The dog Food company great prices a family business.

Not sure how far they deliver too think they are in sussex I live in Essex and Scott charges £5 for delivery.

Also most butchers will get you chicken necks and wings and some will get chicken backs as well.

£20 of chicken necks I used to get from the butchers would last at least 2months even cheaper from Ths dog food co.


I live in Sussex so if they are local that would be good for me. Will check them out, thanks!

Charlotte, you could also try asking your local butcher.   We are really lucky - ours give us the chicken carcasses and backs for nothing!

Oh wow, that's a bargain! I'll have a go at asking in there - flutter my eyelashes and see what I can do lol!

They're in Suffolk lol - but the prices do seem quite reasonable

I knew it began with S lol

I wish my butcher would be more helpful :( he has no interest in giving me pieces of spoilt meat he cannot sell. 

We have to drive to Northern Ireland to collect the meat 


This is what I pay at present

2 large Chicken legs (8-900g) £1.50 

Chicken Crowns £1 & £2 (2 sizes) 

Whole Lambs hearts (5) £3.50 (10) £6

Whole Sardines (450g) £1.50 (1kg) £3.50 

Salmon strips (1kg) £3.50 

Lamb Chunks (1kg) £2.50 (4.5kg) £8

Beef chunks (1kg) £2.50

Beef joint (10lb) £9

Turkey cutlet with bone (1kg) £2.50 Great for treats!  

Ox Tongue chunks (1kg) £2.50  Whole Ox Tongue £3 

Tripe (4.5kg) £5.50

Minced Beef (4.5kg) £8  500g bags £1.25  1kg Tubs £2   

Minced Chicken with bone (4.5kg) £7.50

Minced Salmon (4.5kg) £9 

I buy mine from Durham Animal Feeds. They deliver all over the country and are really reasonably priced. We have 4 dogs and it costs us around £50 a month to feed our lot.


I'm expecting a delivery from Manifold Valley Meats on Friday. The meat looks very good, and a good price, and so far the customer service has been brilliant. Although DFC is very close to me I got no response to emails and even after a telephone conversation got no further response. I need a reliable supplier hence I'm trying MVM

They have an active Facebook page where they are trying to set up delivery routes all across the country. I'd advise checking it out if you need a supplier. http://www.facebook.com/groups/479385695425522/

Will report back on the quality on Friday.

PS. Have tried Honey's. the price was extortionate and Bess wasn't that impressed. The minces had 33% veg in them too making them worse value as far as I'm concerned. 500g minced chicken was around £2.35,

Not very impressed with rawtogo - nothing was labelled so apart from the obvious I didn't know what I was feeding. Bess wasn't impressed either, and the quality wasn't great.




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