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In my first blog I want to give you a presentation about my dogs and me. We live in the middle of Sweden in a village called Ås, near Östersund.

(a view from Ås)

My first irish setter was from Red Tail’s kennel and her name was Red Tail’s It Will Fit “Wilma”. She came to us in the beginning of summer at 1995. She became my sweetheart and I loved her boundless from day 1. Unfortunately she passed away to early, only 7 ½ years old because she got cancer. Even today, I still miss her very much and the thought of her can make me cry. She was everything to me, my best friend to laugh and have fun with and she was my shoulder to cry on when I was feeling blue. Wilma was also very beautiful and she was successful at shows.

(Red Tail's It Will Fit "Wilma")

My second dog came to us at 1999 and her name is Lomsjön’s Fancy Lady “Fannie”. Her name couldn’t be better because she really is a Fancy lady!! I was lucky to have her when Wilma left us but Fannie also took it hard and got severely depressed…. It took her about 6 moths to be a happy dog again. I can’t really say that Fannie and me got the same connection like Wilma and me. When Fannie came to us Wilma went hopeless jealous of me, and she was always by my side. So she became Magnus (my fiancé) princess and it’s lovely to see them together. Fannie has a beautiful head and is a very kind dog. Unfortunately she is not a dog too shows and that really makes Fannie happy because she just hate be at shows.

(Sara and Fannie, Lomsjön's Fancy Lady)

In the end of 2003 we went to Camilla Östman’s kennel to pick up a new puppy-girl. Camilla did a great job when she picked out a lovely bitch named Copper’s Pilutta Dig and we named her Tuva. She’s tough and has an enterprising attitude, not to forget her energy. She’s a typical Irish Setter for me so I it should have been wonderful to take a litter after her. Now she is 4 years old and I haven’t been able to mate her yet, so …. Any way it’s lovely to have a dog to shows again and hopefully we can continue do that with success.

(Copper's Pilutta Dig "Tuva")

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Comment by yvonne on November 6, 2007 at 3:48pm
love your dogs and what a beautiful area you live in
Comment by Judi Schuerman on November 7, 2007 at 2:17pm
Thank you for posting these beautiful photos! I love the one with your Irish in the water with a stick in her (?) mouth. You live in such a beautiful area! We enjoy seeing your photo's from Idaho in USA.
Comment by Kristina Brannlund Westin on November 8, 2007 at 3:07am
Hej Sara!

Så fint du har skrivit om dina hundar och jättefina bilder,



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