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...And to round out the week for Fionni...

Fionni won Best Intermediate in Group at last night's Australia Day show! Go Fionni!

What a late night too - we didn't get home until nearly 2am. It's very hard to ask a dog to hang around for general specials until after midnight, then expect them to be "on their game" in the ring. The general specials ring looked very weary! The general specials judge didn't look at ANY gun dogs, so it was a long wait for nothing in the end...but we were very glad that he took out his class in group! He was in the judge's top picks for best in group, too - but I don't think he's quite there yet. Another year maybe...

Still, in only a few more shows, he will be out of the Intermediate class, and starting to compete against "the big kids." We'll see what happens!

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