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Save Our Setters Texas-to-Tennessee Super Transport - July 28, 2007

As I mentioned in my Week 3 update, Alissa and I ran the first and third legs of today’s Texas-to-Tennessee Setter rescue transport (with Carol Johnson picking up the second leg) for Save Our Setters (www.saveoursetters.org). The trip covered 521 miles (838 km). Our special passengers were Tommy, Aaron, Gulliver, Toby and Georgia Girl. Three Irish and two English, although I thought one of the English was a red and white Setter. The first three had been transported in from Midland, Texas and Toby from San Antonio yesterday.

The workers at the kennel where they boarded were wondering how I was going to get all 5 dogs and all their toys and food in my car. They also talked about how wild 3 of them were. I was only expecting one Wild Child, Aaron. Aaron was tethered to the inside of the car so his antics would not bother the others. We loaded up without issue and after the anxiety of wore off, most of the crew feel asleep. They were little angels (for the most part). Aaron even played Houdini and ended up escaping the tie-down and his collar. The only issue was that my new cell phone couldn’t get a signal in Texarkana and I had to stick my head in a coffee shop and ask someone to call Carol to tell her I had arrived.

Attached are a couple photos from the first leg. The first photo does not due the sight justice. Two of the kennel staff were also taking this picture it was so funny, including one who had the new iPhone. The photo shows three dogs piled in the front seat. The young red head in the driver’s seat and the two English Setters riding shot gun.

This photo is the young red head coming up on my left trying to get some attention.

This photo is front to back, the young red head, Georgia Girl (the Senior Settizen), and the one that looks like a red and white Setter all racked out (fast asleep). It is tough to take decent photos and drive 75 mph.

This photo is Aaron AKA 'Wild Child' AKA Houdini, before he performed his magic act and ended up in the front seat with me. He has more lead than it looks in that he could lay down comforably.

Maybe Alissa can better ID the dogs and comment on the last leg as well as each dogs' forever home status...

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Comment by Alissa on July 29, 2007 at 12:02am

As always, thanks for your contributions of time, effort, and gasoline on behalf of the homeless Setters! We all made it to TN without incident. AARON (red setter) was more than happy to get out and stretch his legs. He also discovered very quickly that his slight build allowed him to escape the exercise area between the vertical boards on the porch!! He will be visiting a family in Memphis on Sunday which we hope will go well. They are anxious to add another active redhead to their family!

TOBY, the large redhead, will be leaving on August 9th for his new forever home in NH. His new family is so excited!!

TOMMY, the blue belton ES, is leaving Monday for his new forever home in NC. Rumor has it that he won't be spoiled... much!!

GEORGIA GIRL, the beautiful senior Setterzen, is still awaiting her knight in shining armor to discover her wonderful temperament as well as her ability to snuggle closely and give lots of sugar. Hopefully, her new forever castle will contact us soon.

Sweet, sweet GULLIVER, the orange belton ES, is also awaiting a home that will appreciate his very good nature that makes him highly suitable for families with infants as well as for senior citizens. He's never met a person he didn't like, and it's hard for a person not to love this boy! Cats, on the other hand, are a different story!

Gene, your ability to take pictures while driving is quite impressive. Good job!! Off to bed for me. I have a transport tomorrow to St. Louis. No rest for the weary!!

Comment by Carmel Murphy on July 29, 2007 at 9:04am
Great story and lovely photos! Always impressed with people who work so hard to rehome animals!! Well done!
Comment by Ann Mussinan on July 29, 2007 at 1:16pm
Great pictures and amazing driving expertise! Thank you for taking the picture of the 3 pups (Tommy, Aaron and Cully) from Midland, TX.

I sent Tommy's new Mom the link to the blog, as I know she is anixously awaiting Tommy's arrival next week.

I nicked named Aaron "poco Diablo," because he can create his own trouble and bedeviled the dickens out of Darby, 15 yr old IS girl. Warned Alissa, that if he had an opportunity to escape, he was up to the challange.

Well Darby can rest easier now. Thanks again to you and Carol. Definately, a job well done!

Ann M.
Comment by Rachel Millan on August 2, 2007 at 3:02pm
Have just been looking at the great pictures of all your passengers. I look forward to hearing how they settle in there new homes.
What would the Breed do without people like yourselves.Well done!!!
Comment by Sandra Mather on October 9, 2008 at 4:00am
an enjoyable story with what will be a great ending for the dogs.;.


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