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Thomas, the dog you may remember from the blog https://irishsetters.ning.com/profiles/blogs/therapy-setter-needs-therapy is  one of the candidates for a new crossprogram between Irish red and white setters with Irish red setters (working).  See for more www.Iersesetter.com click the English flag left chose menubar Welcome.  

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Comment by Astrid Landsaat on December 28, 2010 at 4:15pm
That sounds like a wonderful career for Thomas! :-)
Comment by Henk ten Klooster on December 28, 2010 at 4:19pm
Sex is the best therapy:-)))
Comment by terry o leary on February 17, 2011 at 12:06pm
Hello Henk could you please inform what outcross programme are you speaking about,who is running this programme which Club or Clubs under which kennel club rules.What is the breeding of the dogs to be used in this proposed programme.Hope to hear from you soon.Terry
Comment by Henk ten Klooster on June 1, 2011 at 3:23pm

Hello Terry this is from the website of IKC:



It is envisaged that any Irish Red Setter or Irish Red & White Setter from an FCI Country and a National Kennel Club which the IKC approves of could be used in this programme. The reason the club suggests that this programme be confined to FCI countries or such National Kennel Club is that agreement in regards to an Outcross Programme would have to be a binding document. As this is an International Outcross Programme the Irish Red & White Setter Club recommends that this would be run with the co-operation of the Irish Red Setter Club and the National Kennel Club of that Country, the Irish Kennel Club and the Irish Red & White Setter Club.

A formal agreement between the two participating Kennel Clubs.

Rules & Regulations for an International Outcross Programme.



  • All Irish Red Setters and Irish Red & White Setters, which are proposed to be included in this Outcross Programme would have to be approved by the Outcross Committee.
  • All Irish Red Setters included in this programme would have to have the appropriate health certificates in regards to Canine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency, CLAD and a Hip Dysplasia certificate.
  • All Irish Red & White Setters would require the same certificates plus a certificate in regards to being von Willebrands free.
  • In regards to testing Irish Red & White Setters for von Willebrands disease, CLAD & Hip Dysplasia the Irish Kennel Club will recommend a Veterinary Surgeon approved by them to carry out this procedure.  
  •  The details of all the dogs’ pedigrees, health certificates and all other relevant documents must be presented to the committee four months prior to any mating. Any deviation on this matter must have the approval of the committee.
  • The Irish Red & White Setter Club is aware that some ‘Irish Red Setters FDSB’  were imported from America and were mated with Irish Red Setters in Europe

    .  This American Red Setter breeding is not recognised by the American Kennel Club as Irish Red Setters or by the Irish Kennel Club and the Irish Red Setter Club is totally opposed to having dogs with such breeding being introduced to the Irish Red Setter gene pool. We are aware that these dogs were crossed with English Setters in the past. Under no circumstances can any dog with such pedigrees be used in any part of the Outcross Programme. 
  • The Irish Red & White Setter Club proposes that all dogs participating in the Outcross Programme would be micro-chipped for identification. It is also proposed that any resulting pups may be DNA tested at the request of the Outcross Committee. This would have to be part of any signed agreement entered into by all participants in the Outcross Programme.



Registration of Resulting Pups from Outcross. 

We would propose that any Irish Red & White Setter bitch from Ireland , which is mated to an Irish Red Setter outside Ireland or inseminated with imported semen, could have the litter here in Ireland

and the resulting pups would be registered by the Irish Kennel Club as Irish Red & White Setters. This would be of great help to the breed as we would not have to wait at least ten months to have the pups rabies vaccinated etc before they could be imported here to


to have them registered under the reciprocal registration agreement between FCI countries. If there are no pups with red and white markings the club would propose that some of the pups could be registered as ‘Irish Red & White Setter - mismarked red’.  These dogs will be micro-chipped and recorded by the Irish Kennel Club. The breeder has up to two years to assess the dog for breed type/working ability and   within that time may decide to have the dog registered as an Irish Red & White Setter-mismarked red.  This would only be allowed in the first generation of the outcross to ensure that the new bloodline can be included in the Irish Red & White Setter gene pool. These dogs may not be exhibited at shows but will be allowed to enter a Confined Breed Stake field trial. 

  • The Irish Red & White Club endorses the proposal that a Canine Geneticist   be appointed so they can report on the genetic diversity of the breed. They should produce a yearly report on how the breed is progressing in regards to this matter. They could also inform the committee when they feel there is no further need for an outcross programme based on scientific fact. We also feel that the Geneticist should have an understanding of the culture of breeding pedigree dogs.

I the under signed agree to bound by the above rules governing this programme.





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