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I ment to keep a very low profile indeed, but lets have this one as well before I fade quietly in to the background and shut up, shall we? Its dead-safe and every breeder can join in!
How do you name your litters?
Do you start at A?
Do you have a theme, and what is it? Does it follow through all your litters or has each litter a theme of its own?
I grew up during the 60`s and my life was very dominated by the 60`s + 70`s style of (mainly british) music. I went to art school in London during that time, so for me the choice of names for my puppies was easy.
Mainly pop/rock stars.
I pick a star = Beatles, Stones, Elton John, John Lennon etc and then use suitable songtitles for each puppy.
So A John Lennon litter, a Stones litter etc.
Quite fun and makes (so I think) for some great names.
I also once had a puppy-buyer choosing between two dogs, unable to make his mind up. So finally we played both songs and he picked the one he liked the best!
See...THAT was a safe thread was it not! :-)

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Laura! I have checked it out...and yes, I need all that as much as I need anothet hole in my head. A huge list of codes that I would never remember anyhow and would need constant checking up. I am happy when I remember my own mobile phone number!
BUT...I can well see that a lot of those would make great names for litters!
Pity I have been doing my rock-themes for so long!
I would go for these and baffle puppybuyers as much as I baffled the one that asked me the name of his chosen puppy from my John Lennon-litter. Nobody told me (great song). So the puppybuyer said: What? I repeated the name. Finally we sorted it out.
The puppy was called Nobby...sort of pretty close.
Thanks Laura! I think! It would take some serious studying to learn all of those! I think I will continue using my normal english language(irish style!!)
That's funny........you need to understand the Americans? Am I the only one who isn't understanding some of the initals for the countries? I had just assumed everyone would know that USA means the United States of America, but I'm finding I need a lesson in geography just from the new list members who are from everywhere in the world.

This site is too cool........Gene has created a wonderful experience for all of us to communicate.

Loma, USA
I do understand Americans(was married to one for 30 years! and my 3 children are Irish/Americans!!) Was talking only about the use of acroynms!!!! To me they are new like the use of short hand in mobile phone texting(which I use myself, but just for speed of message writing)When writing e-mails etc. I prefer to use normal words! I think the younger prople love to abbreviate everything!! My age is showing through!
yes, young people abbreviate a lot, even by simplifying spelling of words, leading to lots of spelling faults at school as they get used to the incorrect spelling they use in chats and text messages... quite sad. (this comment was not setter-related, sorry)
oh Loma, you don't know how hard it is to figure out the abbreviations for states in the US! must be something like the european countries abbrevs for you. :-)
true, no matter how long I have lived here, I still do not know what MO means. :))))
i do not breed , but a lot of breeders overhere use the alphabeth , some will have themes , in the past the new owner could come up with a name for the puppy as long as the begin letter was okay , so if it was a A litter then the name must started with the A , now the breeders chooses names because of the less time they now have , a new rule is that the names must be chosen before the puppy;s are two weeks old , that has to do with the pedigree papers , the intention is that the pedigree will be ready almost as soon as the puppy;s leave the kennel
We have more time to choose names as the registration papers go later now to the Kennel Club, mainly as we now must microchip all puppies before registration!! So I would not microchip before 6 weeks old as the needle is so big for smaller pups! It means that new puppy owners are happy to have papers sent to them a bit later(usually a week or two after they take their pups home) It also gives new owners time to help pick a name(within my given theme) Three owners from Jan'07 litter picked their own Irish mountain name that meant something personal to them!!
Before I started showing my dogs in AKC events I never even knew people used theme's for their litters. But my two litters that I did use a theme for was the " Law Enforcement Litter", one boy was called Trooper after the State Troopers or Highway patrol, and one was called Marshall.

Last litter I co-bred with two close friends so we used the theme of " Friends" in the names. I have one bitch at my house that is called Mi Novia, means my girlfriend in Spanish. One was named "Oso Friendly", Oso is Bear in Spanish and he is called Teddy Bear.

Pet people sometimes don't want to go along with the litter theme as they just want to name them anything they like. Have to work on them sometimes.

Loma and Red Friends
Most pet owners dont mind what the registered name is, but some do like to help pick a name, but at the end of the day the pet name of the dog might be completely different than its reg. name!! My dogs have unrelated pet names to their actual registered names!! Milo is Clannrua Fane, Megan is Clannrua Aille and Rua is a bit close to hers as she is Glenrua Realtóg (Realtóg is irish for young star!!)and I did get to pick that with her breeder!
I dont think puppybuyers ever get a choice as to the dogs pedigree-name in Sweden. At least mine never have!




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