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Best young pointer/setter of Germany's club for Pointer and Setter in 2007 is:
Lohmann's Lawine breeder, owner and handler: my dear husband;-))

Placed 4th was another one from our kennel, Lohmann's Krambambuli with owner and handler Monika Wenzl.

Happy greetings

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Congratulations on a fantastic result for your two dogs!
Waidmannsheil Christiane. Hey that Lawine-picture is an eye-catcher.
Congratulations!! And maybe you can explain how the dogs are selected for this competition and what they must do there.
Hi Alenka !

Pointers /setters must have started successfully in young dogs class in spring and get at least a 'low' VERY GOOD i.e. 9 points for nose, search and pointing.
You might know that we judge with a 12 point system on national trial.
12 points are exceptionell for absolutely outstanding and perfect. (An old judge explained to me that a dog should point several times with brilliant style ..while bombs are exploding left and right of him. I think he was from that time, when WW2 had left some impressions.) 12 points can only be given for nose and on autumn trials for 'searching duck in deep water/reed'.
9, 10, 11 points are VERY GOOD, with 10 beeing the optimum under normal circumstances and 11 points something really worth looking at. 9 is already a small minus.
6,7,8 points are GOOD
3,4,5 are SUFFICIENT
1,2 POOR
We want the setters/pointers to show fast stylish search, point precisely and be not afraid of shooting.;-) They run in solo and couples. In young dogs spring class they can start until they are 24 months old and they get points for
nose, search, pointing, contact with handler, passion and obedience (without game contact).

The Champions League Trial also adds apport of a duck from deep water with shooting, as it is an autumn competition. Dog gets ONE command and has to go into water immediately, retrieve the duck and bring it correct to the handler. Shot is fired on the water, while dog swims towards the duck. Nice nerve test;-)))

Thanks for all teh nice comments and...sorry that I posted it under discussions. Maybe there is another place for 'announcements' ? Uhhh...Gene....I am NOT from Denmark;-))))

Best regards Christiane
Congrats my friend! To your husband too ;))

Lovely looking dog this Lawine
Dear Christiane. BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!! Having in mind competition in Germany and fixed criteria for the competition it is a great success. Martin




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