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Red dogs won two of the three stakes - something called Maiden in addition to the Championship. Thought you might be interested!


Is there anyone on this list from South Africa?

Londa Warren, Edmond, OK

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I'm interested too in such list ;-)
OK, so I will start another topic, because Poland is quite far from South Africa. But please wait a few hours, now Janka and Fokka needs food, walk, play, excersises and other activities.
Info gets mixed up here. Just for the record. IF the dam of the winning SA IRS is Sheantullagh Venon, exported pregnant from Germany to South Africa, it has no other ties with Poland than training &and trialing over there. So there are probably no descendants over there from her.

Venon, bred by Raymond O'Dwyer (Ireland), was the first and last export from Sheantullagh kennels to Germany (Von Royal).

Contrary to Moanruad kennels (John Nash) exporting in relatively large numbers and worldwide, Sheantullagh is not dominating this scene. To keep the best in Ireland (see O'Dwyers book). Or?

There were a few exports in working cultures like France-Rampant, Denmark-Glenn & some in Norway&Sweden. But the death of John Nash (Moanruad) in 1990 meant an end to Irish domination of worldwide fields and lineage. Sheantullagh does not (yet) match huge influence of Moanruad.

So what happened in SA just might be a small repeat of what was once (eighties, nineties) in European fields traditional: Moanruad winning via Von Royal (Germany) and quite a few French kennels. In last case most still flourish on those lines, but very narrow nowadays (high coi).

If you want a list of winning dogs from these lines, check the Red Club France. Stars like Urtis and Apache are linebred to these dogs. In case you want some pups from SA, personal contact like during a hunting trip might work. The breeders active in this trial scheme also organize hunting trips..... Though I would add other lineage.

That is what I would do, if there was more time. Success!
Gennadi wrote
"Moreover it very difficult to deal with Irish, they got no internet sites, they got no photos or videos in the net, they do not like internet, they just love their dogs and that's all"

For reports on Irish field trials and dogs, go to Des O'Neile's website at


and scroll down the right hand side until you get to field trial reports
"IMO it's extremely important to ad working red's everywhere, otherwise this part of red's will be dead soon."

Amen, Gennadi!

And thanks, Margaret, for the link to Irish results, complete with ground descriptions. Now if I could only figure out which dog is being described! Duuh!

Londa Warren, Edmond, OK
Gennadi wrote:
IMO it's extremely important to ad working red's everywhere, otherwise this part of red's will be dead soon.>

A few years ago there seemed to be a turning point. During the EC in France a European working Irish setter club was founded, in charge chairperson IRSC Ireland. Although target was to unite working worlds in a European working club, so much division in ranks was stimulated that a war for the original Irish setter was lost before battles began.




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