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Amazing Birth Video Link - Irish Setter Giving Birth



I wanted to share this miracle of life, our Thee Scarlet Setter (sire is Fleetwood Farms Jet Setter) giving birth to her puppies.  I am not sure how to upload this video, but have a link from youtube that can be copied and pasted into your web browser:



I also wanted to thank everyone for their kinds words regarding the loss of our 12 year old Irish Setter Big Red Buster.  We are doing as okay as can be expected with this great loss.  He was a great dog and will forever live in our hearts along with his sister our beloved Eliza Mayhem.  This litter is important to us, and will be our only litter we raise.  We never had a puppy from either Buster or Eliza.  But, through this new litter of puppies we still can hold on to their bloodlines.  Thee Scarlet Setter is related to our Buster and Eliza through his sire's line, and Fleetwood Farms Jet Setter carries their Fleetwood lines.


When we lost our Eliza last year (March 2010) we began a search for her bloodlines and found wonderful Irish Setters closely related to her.


My best,

Rose Muffett

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I very much enjoyed this lovely video...it took me back a few years ago when I had my own

first litter ....thank you for posting it here and sharing it with us.

Absolutely beautiful, thank you for posting this - pups (and Mam) look great.


Thank you Alan.  This has been an exciting experience, the birth of these puppies.  My first 2 left for their new home Sunday, I really miss them.  The next 6 will be leaving the week of Dec. 5-9th.  It will leave an empty place in my heart.  I have my remaining 6 little darlings still in our house, they're in my office in a big wooden box that fills 1/3 of this room.  I keep them bedded deeply in kiln dried Pine Shavings, this really works well, the room smells fresh all the time. 


Their mother Scarlet has now stopped feeding them completely.  I have been feeding them a mixture of chicken breast, rice, evaporated milk, water and vanilla yogurt (they don't like the plain yogurt) along with their Eukanuba dry puppy food. 


I have current pictures of all puppies on their own personal web pages (updated once a week).  It still amazes me to look at their pictures to see how quickly they grow and change looks.  Here is the link to my main puppy page, from there each baby has their own link to their page with pictures.


I think Irish Angel is very pretty(my favourite!!) and scrolled down to look at your horses and think the chestnut filly(Little Brown) is stunning too;o)) All beautiful animals;o)




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