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Amazing Birth Video Link - Irish Setter Giving Birth



I wanted to share this miracle of life, our Thee Scarlet Setter (sire is Fleetwood Farms Jet Setter) giving birth to her puppies.  I am not sure how to upload this video, but have a link from youtube that can be copied and pasted into your web browser:



I also wanted to thank everyone for their kinds words regarding the loss of our 12 year old Irish Setter Big Red Buster.  We are doing as okay as can be expected with this great loss.  He was a great dog and will forever live in our hearts along with his sister our beloved Eliza Mayhem.  This litter is important to us, and will be our only litter we raise.  We never had a puppy from either Buster or Eliza.  But, through this new litter of puppies we still can hold on to their bloodlines.  Thee Scarlet Setter is related to our Buster and Eliza through his sire's line, and Fleetwood Farms Jet Setter carries their Fleetwood lines.


When we lost our Eliza last year (March 2010) we began a search for her bloodlines and found wonderful Irish Setters closely related to her.


My best,

Rose Muffett

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I loved that, thankyou. A very natural whelping with very little intervention.


I want a puppy, and I want it now.............:-)


Dawn R.

Hi Dawn,


I'm glad that you liked the video, it still needs editing, but I asked my son if I could have it online now.  He is so busy with clients work that he has struggled to get this done for me in a reasonable amount of time.  These puppies are cute. But ... boy are they ever work 24/7.  This is our first and last litter.  All did go real well.  Scarlet wasn't sure about the first one when he was born (I have video of that too - she tried to bury the puppy under towels), but it only took about 2 minutes and she fell in love with him (as soon as he nursed which was immediately) ... lucky for us.  I was a nervous wreck!  I have foaled out many mares before - never puppies.  This actually went much better than most foalings.  Horses are big animals and when they get into trouble foaling it's dangerous for everyone, the mare and foal included.

They are almost a month old now and changing so much each day.  We are keeping one and 2 are already sold to friends.  It will be very hard to part with them for us.

We weren't planning on keeping one, but since we lost our 12 year old Buster on the 30th, my husband decided he wanted to keep the first born male.  Buster was such a great dog, he was our only dog he didn't like to live in the house.  He loved our horse stable and spent most of his later years guarding it as his own house - the entire stable.  He never ran like some dogs either, he always stayed close to home, we have a 550 acre ranch - yet he was always here in the yard.  Our stable is very close to our house, only about 80 feet away to the main entrance - we planned it this way.  I love my horses very much.  Many years ago my husband told me to surround myself with whom and what i loved and happiness would abound, he was correct.  I was worried about living in such a secluded area. 


My best,

Rose Muffett


great video I enjoyed it a lot .sorry for your loss of Buster
Very nicely produced video;o) I always cry when the last pup goes to their new home;o)) But still  worth all the hard work!!Best of luck to the pups!
I too will cry when our babies leave us.  I decided to let our Vet help screen homes for us - check references, etc.  We have always done this with our horses, they are very special pets too.  To this day I know where each one is and I receive updates on what they accomplish.
That is truly a lovely video. Thank you for sharing.
What a beautiful video of lovely Irish puppies.  I would be having a hard time not wanting to keep more than one of these darlings.  As a strictly Irish Setter owned companion I loved watching these little ones come into the world....it actually brought tears to my eyes to see how loving Mom was with the little ones.  I hope all goes well for these wonderful little ones........and that you find the perfect homes for them.  I will be sharing this video with the rest of my family when they come home tonight.  Thankyou for sharing this special moment with us.

Hi Sherry,


I might have to keep just one puppy, which one I am not sure of yet.  I don't think we will ever go through having a litter of puppies again.  Scarlet is a wonderful mother, I was a little worried the first few minutes when she wasn't sure what was really happening.  Her maternal instinct took over and she fell in love within 2 minutes.  I was relieved -  once we had a foal born and his mother rejected him - I raised him on a bottle.  He did just fine, but it was very sad to see foal rejection.  The mother had a difficult labor, I believe that is why she rejected him.  When a horse has their water break, they must deliver fast - or the foal and mare will die. That foal will be born no matter how much damage is done to the mare - or the foal will die, often both will not make it.  99.9 percent of all foalings go well.  But when they get into trouble - they do this fast and if you aren't there right away it is a disaster.  A mares contractions are so strong that when trying to reposition a foal, a contraction can actually fracture your arm.  

Rose I forgot to tell you how sorry I am  for you loss of  your Big Red Buster.  I know all too well how wonderful our Old Irish Gentlemen can be and how they leave such a hole in our lives.  These little ones will help to heal the hurt but never replace the wonderful times you shared with your Buster. 


Oh Sherry,  our Buster has left a big big hole in our hearts here.  He did go peacefully in his sleep.  He just went to sleep and didn't awaken again.  He kept up with his daily routine right up until the last 2 days, then he didn't want to follow us around the stable or go for a ride in the car.  He was tired, food wasn't what we wanted anymore either.  We raise our own beef here, and the last 2 years we cooked most of his food for him - beef and rice were his favorites over a little dry dog food.  He was never more than a family pet, he loved this ranch and our property in North Bend.  He was a good watch dog too, yet he never ever did bite anyone!  I think people were cautious around him because of his big size.


He was on thyroid meds the last 6 years of his life, then 2 years ago on meds for his arthritis.  He only was sick once in his life, 4 years ago he had an eye infection which didn't respond well to antibiotics.  Our Vet actually took him to the local human hospital at that time for a CAT scan to rule out cancer, etc.  he was okay, just needed a better antibiotic.  I asked the Vet if he took Buster into the hospital through the back door, he said no, he took him in through the front door!  I wonder what people thought seeing this giant of a dog going into the hospital for a CAT scan. 

Rose I remember going thru that up and down with medicines with my old Gentlemen Shilo and Pebbles...and knowing that someday I would be missing them so just loving them even more as they slowed down some but still shared wonderful walks and adventures with them as long as we could .   I still treasure each of my beloved Irish Lads and Pebbles the Brittany Mix and the memories that each shared with us at different parts of my life.  Sort of like my life story has a different dog....usually an Irish Lad in it for different parts of the adventure of life. How much alike they were in so many ways but how much fun to learn new tricks and quirks from each of them....they certainly enriched our life and home with all the antics ( some wild ones and some just so typical of IS that we could write the book before they pulled the antic).  Took us a while to find our Miss Molly but being our first Irish Lass and our first rescued Irish has been an adventure for us all.......and so far a wonderful one. Molly certainly has some quirks that belong just to her...habits or behaviors we never saw any of our Irish Lads do so we put it down to her being female.  Fun for us to watch her go thru her rituals and routines of how she likes things....our lads never cared that things be just so but she does. Time does not stop us from missing our wonderful Irish Gentlemen but it does help us learn to treasure all the wonderful adventures we shared with them and the love we were given in abundance from them.....the sick times seem to fade as the memories of them runninng free with their favorite toy (or borrowed item) just out of my reach make me smile....they always knew how to get me to play with them even when I was busy ...the mud bath Shilo gave me, the broken windshield from our Shannon....and so the list goes on and on but sometimes just to sit and think of all my lads just makes my heart smile inside as I truly believe we carry them with us each day as they are a part of who we became and that someday I'll be mobbed at the Rainbow Bridge as I have some very special friends waiting for me there.   Treasure those special memories of your wonderful Buster and enjoy making new ones with Scarlett and her new puppies. 



Thank you for your kind words regarding our Buster.  We miss him.  It just doesn't seem right to not have him here, I go outside and he's just not there.  It takes time, I know.  He had a good life.  Buster riding with our son in the Gator 2006  Summer 2006 - front 80 acres - hay and Buster with Aaron  these pictures were taken when our son was home on summer break from the University. 

The little puppies are such a joy... it will be hard to say goodbye to them.  2 are going to a good friend, she lives quite a distance from us, but I am sure I will get many pictures and updates.  I was amazed at how easy Scarlet seemed to deliver her babies.  She wasn't sure what was going on with her first one, she had him standing up.  The rest she had laying down.




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