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Animal Protection: Stop inbreeding, open registries, ban unhealthy breeds, curtail shows

Ban unhealthy breeds, attack inbreeding by opening up of registries permanently, stop breed standard exaggeration, curtail shows.

That is the advice of the Animal Protection the Netherlands (Dierenbescherming). With more than 40% of purebred dogs something is wrong, states the organization. Main source of that according to Animal Protection: dogshows.

Most Dutch media were focusing on this these days, after broadcasting of the British documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed on television.

How is that in your culture and what is your opinion?

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Your questions on Animal Protection the Netherlands (Dierenbescherming) from here APN their website is on www.dierenbescherming.nl

Jurisdiction: APN does not decide, but is most influential organization in decisions in many aspects here where animals are involved. They are able –a long list of achievements since their inception in the 1860’s shows that- to achieve their aims.

The recent campaign against inbreeding/unhealthy dogbreeds/dogshows was one of the most successful this year in media – near to all focused on it.

What the dog world fraternity in the Netherlands is doing – you could try to follow the discussion on the link Astrid Landsaat provided. And there is an official reaction on the website of the Dutch kennelclub www.raadvanbeheer.nl Both alas in Dutch.

A quick nutshell for last: DKC wants to make a code of ethics for show judges against exaggerations of breed standards with penalties, make a plan for dog breeding and because dog breeding is international, ask for actions in those international dog organizations.

DKC will talk with APN on these matters in January. Rather than forbid, DKC states, you better make regulations. Because, DKC says, dog breeding will continue after a ban but with no guaranteed set of regulations pointing at the situation in non-purebreds, no health statistics there available.

This as for facts, hopefully your questions are answered.

You ask for my opinion.

I think it is in the interest of breeds future to stop exaggeration of the breed standard (why can’t biggest winners of bygone periods not win now?) , guarantee genetic diversity (otherwise experts say we chose a road to extinction) , curtail influence of popular sires, maximize coi’s over ten generations, register health problems by independent people (not by breeders like here). Plus education, guaranteeing a minimum knowledge on relevant terrains.
Thanks Henk, appreciate your advice and opinion on this. I only speak English, but I may try and get a translation. cheers
Hi Henk, I assume you know
The Fable of Old Blue
by C.A. Sharp?
Excellent Fable Susan, thanks for posting this.
Excellent education!
You can still be a member on ES and not participate in the discussions if you find them too intense for you! You are quite right....go and enjoy your family and dogs and enjoy the site for the photos if this is what you like!
I may be in the minority here, but to me the forum and discussions are my main reason for being on this site...
For some of us there is a lot more to a setter than good looks, and the breed is not defined by its beauty alone
This place where I can read thoughts, share experience how to breed healthy and happy dogs, share stories and photos, meet great friends can be very instructive for many people here.

Many of them can´t speak English properly, don´t understand some of the technical points or just don´t have enough courage to join this important discussion. If one lost his or her doggy friend because of illnessess, she or he will never have casual (benevolent) attitude to the discussion like this.

It is impossible to close eyes before cancer.Likewise we shouldn´t close eyes before problems with breeding.

I can fully enjoy life with my dog only in case she is healthy.
Wow I didn't visit ES for a long time Merry Christmas to You all. Those who read my previous post know my point of view on inbreeding, PDE etc. I only react here because I was asked to. I don't own any pure bred dogs at the moment, not because (as I said before) I don't have the time to keep one, but simply because I'm not a gambler. Will it be healthy or not?
Opening up registries? There are plenty of good bloodlines around, Just find them and learn about them. Some effort needed indeed.
Breed standard exaggeration? Maybe ....but not really life threatning in the case of IS?
Curtail shows? Why?
Don't forget that COI calculations are just a tool. Learn as much as you can about the dogs that are in the parents pedigree of any planned litter.
I anyone needs any calculations just send your email adress to me and I'll reply to you. I still want to help those with the right intentions to make a change. But otherwise people .... I'm very sorry but it's up to the breeders, the breedclubs, the kennelclubs.. I lost the drive you know,
Happy 2010 to all.

Leen, I don't understand these statements "there are plenty of good bloodlines around", but you don't have an Irish setter because "you are not a gambler - will it be healthy or not?"
I really don't think that those who breed for financial gain are really in a postion to understanding the immediate bond a pet owner (client purchaser) forms with the "purchased puppy".

Neither can one dismiss their loss of impartial objectivity as opinion must be influenced by investment, ego and ongoing payback.

Research into the problems of bloating and other chronic illness is vital.

It is disappointing that the ISAE aren't taking a similar stance.

That said chronic illness must not be exaggerated as though it's only IS that are affected. All pedigree dogs suffer from the products of "line Breeding" and it requires the KC within the UK to take an informed and intelligent view and begin to influence, if necessary by regulation, some form of sensible control.




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