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I have only been a member of this site for one week and I am horrified at the thought of entering into a discussion!

I joined because I have always liked Gundogs, especially Setters of all varieties and have been thinking of owning one or maybe even two.

My friend who is a member said to me a few months ago "Bel, I have found a lovely site for Setter enthusiasts and the people on there are so nice and friendly".

I am sorry to say, after reading through some of the latest discussions, I don't share her opinion at all!

All I have read are aggressive, verbal attacks on members who do not share the opinions of a few regular contributors who gang up on anyone who dares to disagree with their point of view.

I don't know how many members there are on here, but it seems the whole site is run by a few 'know alls' who delight in making other members valuable contributions to discussions a very unpleasant experience for them.

Some on here will probably say I should hold no opinions at all because I am a 'newbie' to this site.

Well sorry, I loath bullying in any shape or form and that's what I see happening on here!

Maybe I will test the water on a site for a different gundog breed because from what I have read so far on here, setter breeders are not people I would like to have any more contact with.

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Margaret thank you so much for this information. Being new I did not know I could do that. I have now closed my discussion.

Annabel, Sorry you have found some of the recent discussion getting overheated. I dont always agree with the majority here either, but I have been on various setter lists and groups since around 1998, and have to say this is the best one I have found so far. Many of the most experienced Irish Setter breeders in Europe are here (makes a change to have a setter list which isnt dominated by Americans), and there are many intelligent and well informed posts. It is one list where civililised and intelligent discussion is possible on topics which can become battlefields on other lists. For example we had a great discussion on breeding dual purpose setters some while back, which brought in some of the most successful dual breeders in the world, remained polite and very constructive, and never degenerated into the usual show/ working hostilities, there were many excellent posts. I really value this list for good discussions conducted with civility, also often good information on health and genetics issues, also the way completely new people in Irish Setters are able to ask basic questions about feeding, training, behaviour and health problems and get helpful answers and advice from more experienced owners. So please dont give up, I really dont think you will find a better list for setter owners

Hello Annabel ..


Welcome to ES ..

I'm a setter lover with whole my hart and I meet other setter fans every month when we go walking together ..

And in the almost 6years there was never any kind of trouble between the people ..

Words on paper ( this site ) are noiseless an can be wrong understood while the writer only means the best ..

And discusions you don't like you can ignore ...like i do...

Please take some time to observe and you will see that it is a nice place to read ...

Respons on the things you like ,and you wil have a wonderfull time here..




Welcome Annabel Do stay and enjoy all the positive things here on ES!! Everyone is here because we all love our dogs;o)))
Annabel, we have a very varied and rich spectrum of Setter owners on ES.   From people who just own their dogs and enjoy them purely as companions, through members who breed and work their dogs and are very knowledeable about the field trial side of owning Setters to those that breed and show and are knowledgeable about that side of owning Setters.  Everyone is an expert in their own right and contributes their expertise to this site.  We have historians who immerse themselves in the origins of the breeds, behaviorists who can help with training and everyone mucks in with advice on rearing and nutrition.  Whatever question you ask will be answered by someone who can help.  Please do not believe those who tell you that some members think themselves and their dogs to be better than others because that is just not true.  Everyone has an opinion and, yes, exchanges can get very heated, but most members are able to just shake hands and remain friends.  Please take time to absorb the various directions this site can take you into, look at the photos, read the blogs and join in on the discussions......take your time then make your decision.   
No need to reply anymore, she just left ES :-(
Well that was short and sweet...........
Hmmmmm indeed!!!!! Strange or what???

You know, I never think it's a good idea to slam the door when you leave!


Sometimes you have to go back later for something important and it can be a little embarrassing.

Hear ,hear one never knows what's round the corner!!
Do you think this might be a put up job and we have all been mugged?  Anybody got any thoughts on this?  Seems strange that someone can come onto a site, add a pretty contentious discussion and then disappear.  Very cloak and dagger....or is it just my suspicious mind!!!
Thankyou for my much needed chuckle this evening....Finn you had me cracking up at your so now we can go back to being horrible to each other remark...reminded me of my sisters growing up....we would get in trouble for fighting,,,,promise to stop fighting and then listen to be sure they went all the way down the stairs and laugh and resume our squabble! Not so sure a stop it comment would work unless it was voted on by all....afraid if someone closed a topic they would start a new one to just get that last word in. Lovely thought though!




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