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Just wanted to wish all you Crufts goers a fantastic time.


Good luck to you all. Enjoy.

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and to reply...thanks for the 'have a nice day' wish- I did, as did many others!

And surely that is what it's all about!!!

Thankyou Jennie,     I had a fantastic day,     the dogs were all well behaved,my young boy was placed ,the other got in the cut, was lovely to see friends from near , far, and over seas   enjoyed the judging and a bit of  shopping      the traffic  wasn t  too bad, and I am  just recovering from not much  sleep, the journey,grooming the dogs and all the nattering we all did,,,,,,

And another link. Warning, it is not about setters so if you don't want to read it, don't click on it! ;-)

Astrid, can you start up one of your own discussions and put all your links on there if they are nothing to do with 'Just wanted to wish all you Crufts goers a fantastic time.  Good luck to you all. Enjoy.'

Just in case anyone has not seen them, there are some really nice photo's from Crufts 2012 on Bardonhill.com

Thank you Astrid and Torie, both interesting.

Dream on Anne!

Astrid, I opened your link and of course it was about the Basset failing the vet check. Am I right? Does that make 6 out of the 15 breeds so not too bad. You are, of course, as entitled as any of us to post your point of view but why so negative? Would you not rather have dreams than nightmares?

I don't disagree however as this was a discussion to wish 'all Crufts goers a fantastic time... why did the thread change so dramatically, it should have been as stated 'a fantastic time'

Please start another discussion where controversy/opinions can be aired. I'm not involved in the breeding or showing of dogs but I do enjoy the ES site for the fun and knowledge it brings, however I am not interested in fighting 'wars' of which I have no knowledge there are enough of those going on around the world.

KISS 'keep it simple sam'

Sara if you are responding to my comment then perhaps you would like to re-read the 2nd para of my posting on Saturday (page 5 I believe) where I say much the same reference breeds that failed the vet check.. Do you not think it is heartening that only 6 breeds out of the 15 didn't get through.  Of course you can argue that it is 6 too many but it could have been all 15.  Is that not a positive result?

Please tell me where in my comment above have I said that Astrid, or anyone else for that matter, is not entitled to mention other breeds or pass an opinion?  What the hell have I said this time that you should criticize me for.  It seems that I am the one who is not entitled to pass an opinion without you or Rhonda jumping down my throat all the time.  No one has suggested that Astrid shouldn't post the links but maybe starting up a new thread would have prompted a better debate.  Would that not have been preferable?

I don't think anyone is hiding under their duvet and pretending everything is fine.  We are, in the main, a proactive breed.....the massive response to the DNA testing for rcd-4 bears testemony to that.  Surely it is far better to approach each obstacle face on rather than roll over and die at the slightest hitch.  I have had my fair share of disappointments over the years.  I have had epilepsy and bloat in the past. I have had to start again with new dogs and new lines.  You make your own luck in this world and I for one would rather have dreams than nightmares.

I also agree with Ann.  It was very satisfying to watch the gundogs though my preference would have been the Irish Setter, but then I am biased.  

Apology accepted Sara.  I don't want us all to be forever arguing, it is exhausting.  I don't honestly believe that anyone would want to trawl through 7 pages of any thread....how sad would that be.  Complaining is very counter-productive.  Maybe we just take things too personally sometimes.






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