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hi All

Just wondered if anyone knows the picture on my mug? Sorry rubbish picture, must get good camera.

Walking the girls one evening last winter, it was dark and raining hard, a lady came runing up behind us no coat or shoes soaking wet waving somthing in her hand.When she reached us she put a mug in my hand and said " I have seen you out with your dogs, and they are beautiful and well behaved you obviously love them, I had this in my cabbinet and I want you to have it, only you are aloud to drink from it, my name is Ronny" with that she was gone as quick as she had arrived.Just what I wanted in my wet slippery hands with two leads.

Was this a ghost or just a very kind person? I would love to have repayed her with a plant or chocs. but no one near there knows her !! I dont drink from this mug but keep it on a high shelf to remind me that there are lovely people in this world.

THE MUG; It is called "Total Elegance" staffordshire fine bone china.

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What a lovely Story Angela I love to hear these sort of things........As a working Medium I am with you on this one...how lovely..

Next stop Midlands, this china manurfacturer is in Horsford north of Norwich. I have spocken to them and they have not suppied to the US for some years, I read the wording on the US site and it is limited stock not limited edition, which I think makes them quite expensive but lovely. The salt and pepper pot on my list me thinks. <:0)

The artist maybe Paul Doyle he painted a picture called the english man, the irish man and the scotch man,It is lovely the engish has larger, the irish guinness and the scotish wiskey. ( worth a google )

They are a very good price, my currency convertion not so good, must have had a senior moment <:0)

Angela - often spoke to Fred Jurman in the past when I was selling what my friends used to call "Irish Setter Crap" at the  club shows. Lovely chap - they used to visit the UK quite often, came over for Crufts etc and he would often bring me bits of things. Think it will definately be limited old stock not limited edition. suggest you just phone/e-mail him - sure he won't mind.

Thanks Gillian, Not sure who fred Jurman is guess he is to do with Belfast/Midlands.I emailed them yesterday havent had a reply yet. If you have his phone number I would be gratefull as long as you dont think he would mind thank you x <:0)

thanks Mel - beat me to it!

What a lovely Story!

lovely story, enjoy

You lot are so knowledgable thank you so much.Next stop USA <:0)

Angela - who said the "picture" was by Paul Doyle - have quite a few prints by him but nothing at all like that?

Hi Gillian , It was the man that I spock to at the manufactures in Norfork who said it maybe his work. Guess thats not the case never mind, thank you for the info.I will not give up yet, I still have a few more ideas where I can look. <:0)

Belfast and district gave some plates and clocks with this design on them as prizes at their championship show about 1999 or 2000 they were purchased locally in Lurgan county Armagh. I'm not sure if the shop still exists but can find out for you from my records of  the previous show secretary if you draw a blank elsewhere.




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