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Dudley just stole a loaf of bread from the kitchen counter that's been sitting around since Sunday. He loves all bread including pita, Italian, naan and whole grain. Even better than dog treats. Unfortunately eating too much bread at once upsets his tummy for at least 24 hours. He's not inclined to eat other 'bad' foods, just bread. Is this common?

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ohh boy  .  I have always had male IS until Miss Molly who does not steal food ( knocking on wood) so far but boy did my boys .

Favorite thing to steal was bread...I wrote about the passion my Shilo had ...and also my Shannon for bread....whole loaves with just a tiny hole in the plastic and the whole loaf enhaled thru that hole....and if we made warm hot bread in the oven they were in heaven....begging even though they normally did not beg at meal time.....it got so bad I decided to outIrish them when we redid the kitchen and I had a special bread drawer installed...you had to open the door the normal way and then slide back a metal cover the opposite way to get anything out of that drawer....well took him a week to figure that one out so that drawer became our coffee drawer.  I just started keeping any bread way up high in my dish cabinet....and to this day I do that.  I am afraid I did reward them with the crisp crusts of French or Italian bread ....but tried to limit fresh bread or large amounts due to fear of bloat or stomachache.  Bless Dudley for being a real MALE Irish Setter...and you really have me thinking of my boys tonight. 

Haha I bursted with laughter when I read this. This is typical setter behavior. I'm on my fourth and fifth setter now and just last week they stole some food from my father he was going to eat for dinner. It was three nice peices of meat. The other setters I've had in the passed have done the same to my dad. I've learned better then to leave a piece of anything in the counter. Riley thinks he's a cat because he lives with them so he gets climbs on to the counter and tries to get anything he can get at. I discovered this one day when I was cooking in the kitchen. I turn around and next thing I know... He's laying on top of the counter like angst would do. It was hilarious. I didn't know what to do so I took a picture. 
Yes! Ellie will eat anything and has stolen many a loaf.Arthur loves bread especially if it has just been buttered.Fred is Naan mad and when we go to the Indian restaurant I bring some naan back for him and Ellie.Arthur doesn't like it.
Roger absolutely adores bread or anything like bread, like pizza crust and so on....he has never stolen anything but if you are eating it, will sit with his eyes fixed on your piece of bread and his mouth watering like an open tap!!!!!
All my bitches love bread (or anything I am eating!) and Pizza crust is the favourite too;o)  Megan "the thief" has stolen bread many times;o)) Milo (my only male red) is not very fond of bread!!

Oberon really salivates when he sees pizza.... but he's only allowed a tiny bit of the slice.. I think is too fatty and my husband believes every bread just swell in the stomach (plus, is not something particularly needed by dogs..)

Poor Oberon still got his piece and he looks super-happy :)

No bread liking here... unless it is covered of Brussels Pate but if the area of the piece of bread is more than a tea spoon, it will be spitted away after the Pate is all licked. No stealing here even if their favourite food is on a coffee table and they are alone in the room. They both did steal though at a very young age for Tesco grilled chicken but stopped before the age of 6 months. No need to steal, they just have to look at me ....  :-(

Well my Boys are not that fussed on bread but they are partial to a bit of toasted hot cross bun with butter or they like toast and pate. I also caught my partner giving them pita with donor meat the other night which they apparently loved. No food stealing or counter surfing aloud in this household.

True Story:  I had just baked a lovely loaf and it was sitting on the bread board to cool before it could be put away.  I went upstairs to run myself a soothing bubble bath and had just eased myself down into the suds when I realized my error ... duh.  I flew downstairs wearing nothing but bubbles, but of course the bread was ancient history.  Both bread and peaceful bath ... gone.
Dudley likes fatty, oily bread or pizza crusts so it may be more about the fat than the bread. I know wheat is not good for dogs so I TRY to keep bread away from him. But Dudley is  tall and crafty. He'll pull a loaf off the kitchen counter by the wrapped end. Or he'll grab other objects on the counter and use them to push the bread forward. Prefers to consume stolen loaves in his bed!
No, no bread eating here !

Cash doesn't get up in the morning till he hears the "ding" of the toaster oven.  He also expects a few crusts of my toast in the morning and has gotten so bad lately that he spits it out unless it has a tiny bit of butter and jelly on it.  He is going through a fussy stage about food in general.  He has given up breakfast all together but always is ready for toast or bread.

How can anyone resist those eyes!  He knows not to beg at dinner time because he never gets any of our food, but breakfast is a different story.  He also gets a scrambled egg on occasion.




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