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Probably we all know that immortal view of german sheepdog with newspaper in his mouth.
Our setters must work for us in field (sometimes) but in houses they lies down on our armchairs or settees, sleeps in our beds, eats from our plates our dinners, eats our best shoes, distroys plants, books, documents, hunts birds from birdcages...
Maybe somebody has setter which makes anything useful, f.e. these immortal shoppings like in attached file or rocks a baby to sleep (with lullaby also accepted), turns the light off or in in proper moments, lies the table with plates and forks... Or anything else but useful
I allready answer - mine are listed in first paragraph.

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Henk, thank you for story about setter that reascued a girl. I always knew they are very clever, and wise!
Laura, my Bajka also passed test of character - very well, for that matter, she is the best in contact with other peoples, even strangers, she is crazy about children, now when she is almost 12 as well. I also was trained and taught about dogs behaviour and we had practical trainings in obiedence and some special skill. But Bajka wasn't so young when we started (7 or 8) and in my opinion she is not very taughtable(??). We did only first level, a required minimum. When I practised at home some tricks with Bajka, my Pielgrzym and Kruszyna taught quicker, easier and calmer than Bajka. Kruszyna still react perfect though I didn't repeat these exercices.
Reading yours stories remembered me my Pielgrzym. He taught me that each eatable thing should be putted in the fridge or cupboard. In first year of his life I needed to teach him not to eat from my plate. For him dishes on my plates and his food in his bowl were the same.I put a plate with my dinner on a table in the room and went back to kitchen for tea, meanwhile he started to eat my dinner - it was obvious for him. I got into the habit of talking "phuj", when I was leaving room going to kitchen for enything. There were funny situations with my quests, because few times I also said "phuj" to them leaving the room.
He ate huge amount of food also from pots or frying pan and straight from shopping bag. I caught him red-hended when he jumped with his forelegs on the stove and ate from frying pan. My 'phuj" he commented with weaving of tail and smile on his face. After that I decided to turn off a walve on a gas pipe.
So two lessons, but for me from Pielgrzym:))))
oh, a new one of Danka's duties came to my mind. Odin is deaf and would not (always) hear when i prepare for the walk. when putting on the shoes, Danka looks at me and basically asks me "is it time to wake her up now?" - and then i tell her, go and get her. then Danka runs to Odin and gives kisses on her nose until she is awake and comes :-)))
That is a very sweet story of 2 very sweet girls;o))
That's incredibly sweet of Danka!!

One duty that comes to mind with Busby is that he usually helps me carry or drag parcels into the house when they arrive at the door and he then helps me unwrap them - especially when they contain dog food and treats! He then tears all the cardboard boxes up into small pieces which saves me having to do this for the cardboard recycling ;-)
Milo and Abbey are also excellent cardboard and paper shredders(no need for fancy machines that use electricity!!!) very "green";o))
hehe, i saw a cat like this not so long ago :-))))

A picture is worth a thousand words
Lovely! And still in one piece!!;o)
Very impressive :-) And handy, especially when it's cold outside and you don't want to go out to get the paper...
Laura, you are not thinking what I think you are thinking, are you???
complicated english sentence, so i am not sure what to say (yes or no) - but you know exactly what i meant with that comment ;-)
Sometimes Zofa use the TV remote control./Itś really difficult get the TV under control during her action!!/
Hmm..maybe it isn´t so suitable topic to the discussion about "Duties of our setters"but... you know Zofa=irish revenge to the innocent Morarś family!!!




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