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So is it an IS thing to have light brown eye goop every morning? No redness or irritation, and there doesn't appear to be any cloudiness or problem with the eyes themselves, just this goop. Could it be an allergy? His coat is silky and healthy, and his ears are clean. Mystified!

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I think it is natural for an IS to have some of this sleepy goo in the inside corners of their eyes. My boy had it every day and there were no problems with his eyes. I found the best way to gently tease it off was with a facecloth soaked in lukewarm water and then wrung out. Then gently wipe until it softens and comes off (especially when it sticks to the short hairs near their eyes). I don't think you should have any cause for concern, Julie. It is natural and I have seen it in other IS too.

Not just setters, but other dogs, too: it's normal. Wipe it off with a tissue or baby wipe if it bothers you.
Hi Julie I don't think is an issue as long of course you don't see anything yellow or with pus or you have another concern with the eyes. Sound as a normal secretion that dogs have everyday and more often after a good night sleep; )
I use optrex multi action eye wax (as just boric water ) and sook some cotton to wipe it away every morning, oberon get used to that and his face smells lovely after so everyone make a joke : )
Have a lovely life with this glorious red! : ))))
Thanks everyone. I was thinking it was a normal setter thing, but just wanted to make sure. My Golden Retrievers had it occasionally but not this gloppy stuff every single day. it's like 1/4 teaspoon worth! His eyes look fine otherwise or I'd have taken him in to the vet. Appreciate your comments!

I had a girl who always had gooy eyes in the morning, I took her to an eye clinic run by Prof Peter Bedford, without cleaning them so that he could see, he said goo is good ! it's natures own eye cleaner/ lubricator, so no need to worry ! not sure if associated, but tears contain penicillin.

You should always worry though if the goo is yellow or green, it indicates infection which could be anywhere in the body. 

Our Bentley has always had the brownish goop in his eyes. Not sure where my husband found the info but we give our pups one small spoonful of fat free plain yogurt with each meal. I don't know why, but it seems to help.




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