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Fun time. What top five things do you constantly get asked about your dog?

We have lots of fun with this topic on my all breed dog forum. We don't have many irish setters in the suburban area I live in. This dog has brought more comments, good and bad, than any other I have owned. And they same ones over and over again. Not a day goes by that I do not get comments from someone and questions also. I was raised if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! Now mind you most people who say things don't really know the breed and only see an IS on the dog shows which isn't what I think most really even look like as family pets. So here is my list to start with.

1. Is that a Golden Retriever? (OMG I hate that one most of all)
2. Wow is he skinny, feed that dog. (He eats like its his last meal three times a day, plus treats, I like him lean and lanky, healthy for an active dog)
3. He has such long legs. (I didn't give birth to him, I am only 5'2")
4. Is that a pure bred Irish Setter or is he mixed with a greyhound? (sigh, he does run fast as a whip I guess, but seriously a greyhound?)
5. Is he really hyper? I hear they are super hyper. (I need a cattle prod to get him going by noon most days)

Okay that is my five but I really do hear just as often....how gorgeous he is. How regal he is. And how sweet he is. He leans against people to pet him whether they want to or not. He decides who he likes and when he does like you, he is the most affectionate dog. People at our dog park absolutely adore him. Everyone knows him and he is the only irish setter who plays there. And we have the most used parks in our county in the state of IL. I can't wait to hear some of your funny ones.


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Here's the Top 4 I hear the most....

Beautiful dogs (or similar compliment).

Boy, I bet you spend a lot of time brushing them.

My uncle/neighbor/cousin/etc. had one when I was growing up.

You don't see them (Irish Setters) much anymore.

Yes everyone says "I had a uncle with one growing up, or you I haven't seen one since I was a child etc."
And I get the grooming questions too. Just yesterday in fact. They were shocked when I said he only gets his feathers combed once in a while and only bathed about five times a year! He never smells either. His coat gets way to dry if I wash him more often. Come summer he loves to roll in dead frogs and birds in the woods. That is when he gets bathed more often!
I don't get asked too many questions, aside from "Are they hard to groom?"

But I would be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time I've heard, "Ohhh, looks - it's one of those red setters. I had one of those when I was a kid...stupidest dog I've ever owned."

I hear that one also. I find that one quite insulting! He is far from stupid. Again see, there is the "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" that I referred too. I take things quite personally about my kids and my dog!
Yes, I hear that last question a lot too and it drives me round the bend!
"Oh, is that a Setter? I used to have an Irish setter and it was as daft as a brush".
I also sometimes get asked whether my Gordon is a Rottweiler cross and when he was a puppy people thought he was a cocker spaniel.
The most common question is usually: "Oh, is that a Setter? Aren't they really scatty?"
My top 5 are
1; Is that the Bus Éireann dog(our national bus company has a red setter as its logo!!)
2; Setters are so hyper!(they need to see my couch potatoes in the evening)
3; Heard they are really hard to train! (They are all too clever some times!!;o)
4; We had one growing up!(so did I)
5; Is that a red setter or an Irish setter(my favourite!!)
I have very similar things said about my two girls, one Irish & one English.
No. 1, referring to my Irish, is 'Oh we use to have one years ago'. Apparently, EVERYONE use to
have one way back when.
No. 2, 'I've not seen a 'quiet' one like yours before. Most are crazy, arn't they'. (Mmmmmm), or a
comment I overheard a few weeks ago was, 'oh look, beautiful dog but dippy as'.
No. 3, 'How do you cope with all that coat? Must take forever.'
No. 4. Haven't seen one of those dogs for years.

I have even had people stop me on a walk with both girls to tell me they love and know sooooo much about Irish (or red!!!!!) Setters. I proceed to tell them that my Megg is an English Setter and one lady said 'oh yes, we know. Are they 'Mother & Daughter'?????????
ROFL are they mother and daugher ROFL
1. Does she run away often (I hear setter are known for their escaping)

2. She is beautiful, you must brush her often (my replay: no, I dont brush her often, it is from all the pating :))

3. I hear they are really stupid and hard to train (jeah really?!)

4. That dog is so skinny
1. "They" have bred all the hunt out of them
2, My father, grandfather, uncle (take your pick) had one
3. "They" have bred all the hunt out of them
4. Aren't they hper?
5. "They" have bred all the hunt out of them
6. Aren't they stupid?
7. "They" have bred all the hunt out of them

Over and over again. Once in a while I hear "Look at the beautiful dog" - Yes, some people think my field-bred dogs are lovely (as do I!)

I also noticed comments that mine is NOT Irish red setter, because she has a bit of white on her chest.
Yes I've had that one too! I even have the extra white chins on mine!! Must be a cross bred setter!!;o)




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