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Fun time. What top five things do you constantly get asked about your dog?

We have lots of fun with this topic on my all breed dog forum. We don't have many irish setters in the suburban area I live in. This dog has brought more comments, good and bad, than any other I have owned. And they same ones over and over again. Not a day goes by that I do not get comments from someone and questions also. I was raised if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! Now mind you most people who say things don't really know the breed and only see an IS on the dog shows which isn't what I think most really even look like as family pets. So here is my list to start with.

1. Is that a Golden Retriever? (OMG I hate that one most of all)
2. Wow is he skinny, feed that dog. (He eats like its his last meal three times a day, plus treats, I like him lean and lanky, healthy for an active dog)
3. He has such long legs. (I didn't give birth to him, I am only 5'2")
4. Is that a pure bred Irish Setter or is he mixed with a greyhound? (sigh, he does run fast as a whip I guess, but seriously a greyhound?)
5. Is he really hyper? I hear they are super hyper. (I need a cattle prod to get him going by noon most days)

Okay that is my five but I really do hear just as often....how gorgeous he is. How regal he is. And how sweet he is. He leans against people to pet him whether they want to or not. He decides who he likes and when he does like you, he is the most affectionate dog. People at our dog park absolutely adore him. Everyone knows him and he is the only irish setter who plays there. And we have the most used parks in our county in the state of IL. I can't wait to hear some of your funny ones.


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Haha, I'm really enjoying all these...

But this morning I got the shock of my life. I took my dogs for their usual walk and met an elderly gentleman who said: Oh, are those Afghans? ... AND NO, MY DOGS ARE NOT HEAVILY COATED!!!

As to the usual comment about shiny coats and how often do they get bathed I reply: No, they get lathered down with bacon rind to get that shine :-))
odin was also an afghan once - and also a setter-mix. latter said by a lady who had an oldie irish setter herself (pet dog, from old hungarian lines and she just would not resemble odin).
other questions:
- "are they mother-daughter" - got tired of this, so i started to say YES. the same people would ask me the same question again next week anyway.
- mum/dad coming with kid, both dogs wagging tails, danka wanting to kiss the kid. question comes: "do they bite?"
- "thought they were hyper, do you give some calming medicament to them?"
- "are they the same age?" - oh yeah, odin has a grey face and is a bit wobbly on the legs, danka not.
- father explaining to his kid: "this is a longhaired hungarian vizsla"
- "look, huge cockers!!"
will think of more...
ROFL my dog would love the bacon rind rub down!
This kind of dialogues I had plenty.
My favourite are:
(Irritating) Don't come to me with this dog (setter), I wan't have any dog coming close to my doggie (york, small terriers, esp. pepper and salt and s.o.)
(Memorable) Sentence of some know-all man, after commenting (very critical) all dogs being in this part of park.
(Showing my Bajka) This is solid (proper) English job.:))))
A cocker spaniel? Why he is SOOOO BIG???
We were carrying Humphrey to the vet for his second round of shot when a Lady and Gent complemented us on our lovely DACHSHUND!!!!!!!!!!! and yes we get all the ...used to have one, work hard on the coat or the one today "are they mad or you". You should have watched his boarder collie walking backwards frantic for the ball.
I was once asked if being hyper didn't make Irish Setters dangerous...
Also, I often get asked if she is hard to control...Even when she is sitting peacefully without her leash.
Sometimes people ask if she is sick, because she s such a skinny dog...
Then, some comments about the coat and the legs, and the beautiful dog, the usual...
But my personal favourites are:
When Pitanga was a puppie, I was told I had the most beautiful Labrador...And a few weeks ago a man aproached me and said he had a Beagle just like mine.
Just today I was asked "is your Golden Retreiver a pure breed one"
I replied "no, he is part greyhound", since I get asked is he a greyhound all the time because he has such long legs.
LOL...would love to see a picture of that beagle!!
oh, I usually get:
- SHE is so pretty, she could be in a shampoo commercial. To which i reply: "HE is a sweet boy" :-\
I get a lot "neighbors/cousins/aunt used to have one when kids" "hyper and stupid" and their jaws drop when I say that all he does at home is switch from the couch to the bed and then back to the couch and the carpet to sleep... they can't believe it...
When Lego was little, at the dog beach here in Chicago, a man almost started an argument saying "is that an irish setter mix, are you sure it is a purebred" etc... uhmmm yeeeessss. :P
Got a lot of - Bloodhounds, afghan ( ugh :-S), cockers, but the best was a kid and a mom walking behind me. Kid saying "mom, is that a pitbull" (?!?!?!?!?!)
Everyone thinks mine is a girl also because he has such a dainty trot and is quite pretty actually. Nice to see someone else from IL. I get asked everyday if he is a purebred dog? My husband said we should carry his papers with us for the nay sayers. I have gotten to the point where I will just nod and agree with whatever anyone says because I have given up! I never had a dog before that was so commented on before. Good and bad. I would never go up to a Lab owner and say, your dog is fat. But yet everyone has to comment on how thin mine is. Or question someone to that degree about their dog in such a negative fashion. I get the curled up nose and snotty comment all the time "he is so skinny". I smile and say thank you. Thin is good, thin is in, thin is healthier.
:-) Sometimes I wish to get some courage to come up to some people and say " uhm, your dog is fat"... Nowdays even vets are afraid to say that to people for fear of them switching vets.
Oh, I also get (from the freelancers who work for me, actually) : Is he old? he looks old.. Uhmmm, no! ( he was 4 when the comments were made). Later they told me its because of the long coat. (????????) :-\




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