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Does anyone else have a dog that wont eat.  Maia eats almost everything we put down for her, but Ruby is very picky, and easily distracted.  We have tried all sorts including Tripe and Chicken, any suggestions.  She seems perfectly healthy and vet says she is o/k but would like to get a bit more weight on her

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You might find some answers on some of the previous discussions regarding fussy eaters and getting some weight on a dog.

Hello Alan


Do thet eat together in one room ?

Sometime's it is better to give them in a seperate room their food ..

Thomas eat's 3 kinds of food ,1) what you give him ...2) what he finds ,...3 ) what he can steal

Icko is very picky,,he did well for a time on Hill's sience plan , but than it was over ..now i give them

Nutro choice .and they love it ..

So try with put them apart , and if that does not help you seek for a differend kind of food ..

If icko did not eat at all , i feeded him with my hand ..that helped


good luck with your quest

Ours haven't missed a meal since they've been fed mainly raw food. We get minced chicken carcass from our butcher (which is quite funny cos we're vegetarian, but he went to school with our daughter)! They have tripe and a couple of times a week raw meaty bones (cow tail was quite a favourite! In the morning they have a bit of Arden Grange with goats milk. Hope that may help, she'll probably get better as she gets older anyway.
I am at my wits end with Cash and his fussy eating habits the past couple months.  He always ate with gusto and now he turns up his nose to just about everything.  Since he hasn't lost weight, I am just ignoring it.  I was doing a dance to get him to eat and throwing out way to much food everyday.  Now if he wants it, there it is!  I know that playing the food game with him only promotes more fussiness. 
She isnt getting any better at eating, but having read eveyones comments and also looked at previous discussions am not so worried.  Cant dance so dont think that would help in Rubys case.  Like  you just throwing food away
I too find the same as Deb.  We feed raw and have only ever had enthusiasm at meal times.  They do have their favourites though and Tinker will move heaven and earth for tuna in any shape or form whereas Spi favours chicken.  On the occasions that they have our  leftovers, you will find their bowls immaculate apart from any peas and carrots which would have been sucked clean from all gravy and other exciting stuff and spat back out!!!! 




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