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has anyone got any ideas how to keep my setter out of my pond she has suddenly developed a need to drink from it even though she has water?

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A 2m fence?   ;)

I'm surprised she only drinks from it. Errol would bathe and plunge about all day given the opportunity. 

You have a pond AND a Setter, Hummmmm fill in the pond or buy more towels :-)

Can she get out easily or is it dangerously steep sided? How big is the pond?


If it's not a death-by-drowning situation, and if she just wants a big slurpy drink, would a washing-up bowl full of water starting near the pond and moving away over a few weeks do the trick?

i have put a sheet of weld mesh over my pool and fixed it so it cannot move and given him a kids shell to splash in.

good luck Rosie 

mmm...well if you find a way please tell me!!! Harry, now nearly three, seems to have the same needs, when we moved in the pond was already in situ, not large but big enough for a setter to paddle in. He is fascinated by the tadpoles and don't even get me started on the frogs!! He doesn't touch them just stands in the pond pawing and watching them....I have tried paddling pools of his own but no go, he will lie down in any tiny bit of water when out but give him a clean expanse of water and not interested!!! The only thing I will say is that as he is getting older he's not in it quite so much now. Setters love water, what can I say!! Good Luck!!
Ha - we too inherited a pond with our property and in time it will go.  My girl hates the water and will not go in but is partial to a slurp if it is particularly stagnant and manky, the previous owners used to have ducks and chickens using it so I am surprised Bella is still alive.  We have it fenced off from the main garden but if we are in the Orchard she creeps over when my back is turned.  Her best trick is to sneak the frogs into the house in her mouth when let out for her last wee of the night and then liberate them in the sitting room.  She is really gentle and they are unhurt and hop off.  She particularly likes to do this if my husband is working away for the night so I have to deal with it when I am at my most tired.  Brilliant.
Hamilton hates water and walks round a puddle Micawber a very different story. Our pond is 8ft deep and takes up a third of our half acre he goes in with the ducks at least 3 times a day-we call it swimming with ducks hilarious!
Great story - how kind she is!

This made me laugh out loud!! so typical of our mischievious breed!




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