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Secretary of state Sharon Dijksma informed Dutch parliament this week about the Irish setter Sam who died of primary epilepsy. Dijksma writes she is in line with the judge who fined the breeder.

In her letter to parliament the secretary of state of economic affairs writes under more that "breeders should have knowledge about responsible breeding, based on scientific research."

Dijksma repeats the judge saying that it is in the Netherlands generally known for some years that purebreds like Irish setters have many genetical problems.

According tot Dijksma, breeders should have wellbeing and health as priority number one.

What is your opininion about this?

See for more information the topic Media highlight Irish setter as a sick animal

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I totally agree with Dijksma.

Mr Thomas and me who is his wife, know about this terrible story of Sam because Georgina Spiers told us about it.  We think the Dijksma is sensible lady.   When I speak to Georgina I will tell her this news, she will be pleased.  My husband asked questions about Breeding and he has some horrible answers.  It is rude but Mr Gene seems to think his question is fair, Georgina asked us to ask it.  We have 10 rescue Irish Setters so we have an interest but no facts.  But thank you for this what is an update.

Yes, it is an update. As far as I know, this is the second time in history our government deals with Irish setters. The very first time was in the 1890ties when our princess Wilhelmina (later queen) had as her favourite love the irish setter Swell and dailies were singing the joy of having such a jolly redcoat. Things have changed!. 

A positive response to a sad situation for the setter and owners.

Yes Rhonda, let's hope a government has something good for future. In each case they report facts which is alas not (yet?) the case for the Irish setter club of the Netherlands.

The topic is closed. There are signals suggesting a repeat of what happened in Media highlight Irish setter as a sick animal is planned. I have no time to deal with that again. Since more members asked in pvte e-mails for more information, a pdf is added with the letter of secretary of state Sharon Dijksma to Dutch parliament. More members asked for a translation. Alas, I lack time to do so. Google translates reasonable.Thanks for your attention!




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