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Group judge chatting to eventual group winner before judging has even started??

Would like to hear the opinion of show people on the scenario of breed judge(FCI (cacib) show) who has just awarded BOB to exhibitor and is happily and publicily seen chatting to the person before he judges the same person in the group and awards this person group 1 ??? Personally I think this very inappropriate!!!!!!

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NOW look what you all went an; did!! Play nice or you'll break it
Hey ho Susie..........absolutely no death wish intended, just concern in case you had passed out and got cold under all those stars. Hope you are not still seing them. Just you 5 dogs and a bottle of wine or three.......nothing changes........glad to see happy valley has re-located.....
Hope there are no Championship show judges sharing that bottle of wine with you, cos that's how the whole problem started!!!!!! Enjoy your wine xox
Apologies Carmel........back on track........
Enjoyed all the contributions!!!;o)))
Carmel darlin you gotta win a prize for posting such a successful blog...jeez you've got 94 replies & god knows how many folk out there are reading & not commenting....way to go girl!

I've enjoyed commenting & following the whole thing & you know wot guys??????? In our own ways we are all saying the same thing.....some judges good with integrity, some judges cowards, or eejits, or suck ups, or in a clique......was always thus & probably will be......be it right or be it wrong (& of course it's wrong)

I swear I'm not Eva's PR person but hey guys I'm pleased that someone of her experience & status is out here in full debate with the world........am I sucking up?....nah, she's just judged my boy & gave him 3rd...no disgrace... in fact Tania's boy beat him & on the day so he should!

But let's all respect each other's opinions guys....'active' discussion great but let's not snipe at each other...that would be sad.

I think we know the good guys in the ring from the bad guys....& then there's loads we don't have a clue about & there's the fun of it all :))))

Enjoyed chatting to you all........wot's next Carmel??? xxxx
I do have a habit of "stirring it up"!! But life would be dull otherwise;o)) Thanks to all for your interesting thoughts and keep enjoying your dogs!!!! The reason we are all here in the first place;o))
Well said missus.....:)))))
Have read all these posts with interest - now have a question?

What would you think of an exhibitor who had a judge staying with them who then showed under that judge?

Cricket, or not cricket?
I would think the person was desperate and shameless at the very least.

This did actually happen in my other breed (American Cocker Spaniel) The judge from the USA, brought a companion too, the exhibitor went on to win the bitch CC with an imported bitch bred by the judges ''companion''

That is really shameless!! Do judges like this have any credibility?? They should be struck off the judging panel for this type of behaviour!! We all pay good money to show our dogs and should be treated equally whether we have been seen in the ring before or not!!!! I must say I would find a win in this way not very satisfying and I can at least be proud that all my dog's wins have been on the dog's merits and nothing else and every card and rosette has pride of place in my home;o)))




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