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Hi, hunters, could you share with us your knowledge, experience of hunting dogs

Still not learnt 84 posts about problems with hunters.
New topic, and a photo as a gift for hunters (other setters lovers ass well).
In stead of arguing could you talk with not so experienced setter owners abouT:
- how to practice with setter to point,
- how to choose a best puppy in litter, best means excellent nose, hunting instinct,
- do you have some method to chake up noses of puppies,
- what age you make these tests,
- what age you start any hunting practice with puppy,
- how to incite love to water when setter doesn't like to swim,
- how to control and stop emotional setter when he want to rush birds,
- how to teach setter ignoring game: hare, deer etc.,
- how to accustom setter (esp. when he doesn't live with hunter) to shots,
- how to practice aport,
- how to teach setter obedience.
etsettera, etsettera, etsettera, etsettera...
(I found on this site somebody with this pedigree, great, fantastic name for setters kennel!!!:))))
Each one has his own experience, we can choose information on cases, methods, solutions with problems...
When my Bajka was young, I knew nothing about this, she passed field trial (not contest, but proof) when she was more than 2 years old, when we were in field, commision ask me to put Bajka in the meadow to find bird, she did it in few seconds, there were quails which Bajka feeled and hunters commision saw, but I didn't.
Ten years later thing differ, but I still learn this things to teach my Kruszyna.
So instead arguing in bad way let's talk about hunting setters...

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Sorry, but computer added my answer before Henk post. Why??/
Thank you, Gennadi, for these films. On the begging I watched yours short excerpts on russian point dogs.
I have in fridge duck and pheasant or even jay (I found her dead under an electrical pillar and used to use her to teach Kruszyna to find a lost bird). What are you thinking about work with jay - is it good for dog?
Henk, I didn't write about lack of birds but about hunters' preferencies. They chose German pointing dogs or Czech fousek f.e., because these breeds (in their view) are easier and quicker to teach, so that with these dogs hunter could work even in first year of dog's life. And in 3 areas - field, water and forest, means different game = feather and fur. If we are thinking about British pointing dogs - only pointer was popular and appreciated between hunters as a fields' king.
About setters there was common opinnion, that he is a bit crazy, to much energetic, hard to teach = long lasting. Setter grow up in age of 3, so hunter must wait very long for possibility of work with him.
For dozens of years we have had 1 (almost historical) Polish interchampion, it means setter with field trials diploma = that dog could get Int.Ch. title.
Now with big development of cynology in our country we have here many new pointing dogs (VII FCI) breeds. Setters' lovers start to teach them hunting job, during las few years we got few Int.Ch. Some people really hunt with setters and setters starts in field trials or pointing dogs hunting contests.
Tthere is even new trend, very often take part and now and than win dogs who never hunt, only are teached on trainnings to progress their natural instincts. My friends got f.e. polish hunting dogs or polish hounds or dachtshunds, very well taught, with many diplomas of blood trail or boars work, never hunt but some of them helped to find wounded game few times.
Problems with lack of birds started last years when our agriculture changed, when started modern bigareas monocultivation - about that problem fine wrote Renata in treat Problems with hunters... There are some places in Poland with good amount of birds, where hunters or setters' lovers can work. As I know some contests are prepared with raising birds. After West Europe experience with monocultive agriculture now we have some programs promoting (also with money for farmers from EC) to leave natural small fields with bushes on boundary strips and not only here.
Your adventures in Poland are for me natural. Poland is a country that loves peoples with fancy and dash. Adventures are second nature to us. (I named Przygoda = Adventure one of Bajka's daughters). In bad circumstances many saints and Maria and Jezus help us. Therefore we have many figures of saints along roads, at crossroads, in front of houses.This is an old tradition.Even now when somebody is building new house in countryside, he leaves wayside shrine or saint figure in place were it was placed for years, very often renew it and care for it. This is a wide theme for history of art and religion fanciers.
And you see, talking stories about yours dogs adventure with hare is the best way how to teach dog to respect game.
Fine story, but were are these winters with snow up to roofs, eh....

Yes your graveyards all with fresh flowers is just one happy memory.

Thanks for your update on Poland Anna, hopefully they will succeed in preserving landscapes providing a paradise for partridge. Your poverty of yesterday may mean richness for future – where there’s still feathers for setters there is harmony.

For your interest a pic of Kay, quartering first time in his young life in Poland as published in the story Poland paradise for partridge. Its Spring 1998. Still remember the thrill, conducting for the first time with hand signals a setter over large terrains. This is the dog “beaten” up by a hare later reaching for horizons in a snowstorm.

You see no better guide to worlds best landscapes than a setternose.

A request: put a few flowers near a statue of Maria, she deserves it and I forgot to do so!
Gennadi, thanks for another internet address. You see, nobody tells me earlier not to unfreeze birds. And this is important!
Thanks ;)))
Henk, I will put some flowers for Maria with pleasure as soon as I will be in my village. When I really started to look photos on this site I discovered the world!!! So not only setternose but also setter lovers.
I remember, first were photos from far far North, tundra in Lapland. I think I will never go there, but sitting in my room i can travel all the world much interested way than with tourist office. This is advantage overestimated ever.




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