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Another step in the right direction for Murphy as we are now discussing hydro therapy for him but before a referral is made by the vets we thought it would be a good idea to ask folks of their experiences and if they could recommend any particular place (Centralish Scotland). I have tried google but nothing much and the websites I looked at didnt answer all my questions .... so folks further afield your experiences and tips on what to look for would be helpful.

As usual thanks from the boy and I .........

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I have a friend in Dundee that has a boarding kennel that has Hydrotherapy facilities, if you would like their Kennel particulars please ask...the kennel is ''Happas Boarding Kennels'' just north of Dundee on the Aberdeenshire road.....They aren't in Irish but Golden Retrievers...and Aussies......but they do love the breed...;o))

I personally haven't used Hydrotherapy but have heard that it is a great type of treatment...good luck and how is Murphy doing now???

Murphy is doing really well if he had his coat then folks who dont know us wouldnt know he had been ill he really is remarkable, we are so lucky  ..... Since the drugs stopped a month ago his hair has began to grow he is now back running no I should say galloping in the fields and just being himself.... which is very cheeky, incredibly naughty but most of all a funny loving boy :-) . Not only was it major chest surgery the steroids caused severe myopathy so this along with his high jinks should have him fully fit a bit sooner ......... Thanks for asking!

I know quite a few people who have used hydro therapy for their dogs and have had super results.

The pool near why I live charges £25 for up to 30 mins in the water.

I think the person in charge of the dog when it enters the pool is usually someone veterinary qualified or at the very least, knowledgable about dog related rehabilitation techniques.

My friend took her dog along for 6 sessions after the dog had a joint replacement and it helped a great deal.

The person actually went into the pool with the dog for the first couple of sessions to make sure the dog was calm and not distressed in any way. 

For the first session the dog was in the pool for just 5 minutes and by the 6th time he was having the full 30 minute session.

I hope it helps Murphy...

Have you looked at this one in the centre of Glasgow?      petsae.com/            


If Petplan havent erased us then they are paying for 10 sessions (if he needs it) . I think his referral from the vets will come with his medical history so I am hoping they will tailor a plan for him ..... He might wonder where on earth he is now so I imagine we will build up the time so as not to freak him .....  I like the look of that website thanks ......
Good news that your boy is enjoying life - at least Pet Plan is as good as it gets. I have claimed well over £1000 per year for my girl for the last 7 years. Hope Murphy  loves the swimming!
Maggie our claim for his illness is now over the 12k limit, I think some of that was down to the urgency of some of the tests and procedures. It was actually the pet plan adviser who pointed out to me we had another budget for complimentary therapy so the cogs in my head began to turn. He deserves the very best I can get him so I am pursing this now. :-)
I'm in Cornwall so too far away but just want you to know my past experience with hydrotherapy for my young bitch Willow who had severe muscle wastage following an accident and surgery as she was kept at the vets for nearly a month and totally cage bound except for toileting.  All I can say is that it was fantastic, I could not believe that I could see an improvement from the first session.  Following an initial assessment on arrival she would be showered off with warm water then into a spa bath and given a massage to warm the muscles before going into an underwater treadmill where the length of time and depth of water increased over the weeks, then each session was finished off with some swimming, just treading water to start with in the centre of the pool making lots of splashing but she ended up swimming without floats and going around the pool with no splashing at all.  I took her twice a week and in all she had about 16 sessions.  I am glad Murphy is on the mend and I hope some hydrotherapy will improve him further.

Hi Delia,

If you look at my page, you will see photos of Pete ( Brackenfield Flanagan) swimming. He Started over a year ago to help with arthritis in his shoulder. He is 13 today and does not limp anymore and swimms like a pro ( not a splash!). I would recommend my dog pool except it is in the South of England so the location is not good for you, but the swimming, definetely yes! Pete loves it and still goes there every other week to maintain muscle tone.

Hi Delia,

Hydro Pool therapy is brilliant and good for dogs with muscular and skeleton problems as it is weight bearing exercise and gentle at that.   I have used this therapy for my R/W boy when he had his hip problem diagnosed first and it was very beneficial.   I still use this hydro pool therapy swimming for him every eight to ten weeks as it is gentle physio.

Good luck with Murphy.



Tia had hydrotherapy two years ago, she did benefit from it a great deal as it strengthend her back legs.  Although she did not like getting into the water and forced to swim.  We are based in Hampshire and Tia went to a lady at Swim4dogs. 





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