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I know for sure I am not the only Neurotic Setter owner here.....

My sister in law had the nerve to tell my husband the other day (her brother) that he should convince me I need to see a therapist.  She said I am neurotic about my dog Cash.  I haven't replied to her since I am still fuming over her comment.  And she was serious when she said that to him.  If course he told me because his sister is a trouble maker and he thought it was funny.  Okay we adore our dog.  Yes I do think he is the cats meow.  Yes I do rearrange my day to be with him every afternoon for our time together when humanly possible.  If I can't leave work then my husband gets six phone calls to remind him that Cash needs his romp and walk.  That is the highlight of our day.  Spending outdoor time with him.  He must be exercised.  It isn't like a special thing we do on a nice summers day a few times a year like she does with her dog.  It is part of what makes him a great dog and a healthy dog.  Am I strange because I will rush home if I am gone too long to be with him knowing he misses us?  I thought most people had a dog to be with them!  Not park them in their house while they run around all day.  (That is her!)  Anyway has anyone told you that they felt your dog was too important to you?  Or you are not well because of that?  I have a feeling others have had people say things as well.  Screw them is my attitude.  They don't get it at all.  I know my dog park pals get it because they are out their in the harshest of weather walking with me and enjoying our time with our dogs.  I have to think of a good response to her comment.  I normally can, but I am still so speechless about her remark that I haven't decided what exactly I will say to her when I see her.  This coming from a woman who spends all her days shopping! 

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Your sister in law is the wierd one, if you ask me!

My setters go with me almost everywhere. If they can't come, I try to get to them as quick as I can! Every second I have between classes is for them and if I have to study a bit more, I jsut get up earlier or go to bed later - they still get at least a full hour walk in the fields, plus the smaller ones in the city.

I have been told many, many times that they are not human, and that I should socialize more with humans and less with my dogs, but guess what - I like them better than many people, and they do not let me down ever!

If you can't recognise this in your dog, you are blind and missing one of the greatest love you can have!

I knew that I was in great company and that I am totally normal for a setter person!  Thank you all for this.  You either are a dog person or your not.  Not to many in the grey area.  And I do admit I was rather attentive to my boys as well.  They must be so relieved that I turned that on Cash and leave them alone to live their own lives.  Often my son comes home to visit and I am not here because of course I am out in the woods with Cash.

ah ah , typical Sue :)))

yes, you are certainly in great company here :)

If you love your dog, you love your dog. I mean, some people love cats, you know.

My brother in law thought we were complete”Barm Cakes” the way we treated our boys. He would have nothing to do with them and decided they caused death and destruction. Then he retired and my sister decided that the dog she had always wanted could now join the family…arrive one male pointer. Two years later he was joined by a Pointer bitch.
My brother in law (bless him) now arranges holidays around the dogs, cannot leave the house without making sure the dogs are safe and happy, will rush back from parties because the dogs might miss him. When one was ill he slept on the floor next to the basket, and then carried him up stair to sleep on their bed so he could take better care.
There is hope for your sister in law….you on the other hand are well passed saving…like all other Setter carers.

In this house it's, love me, love my dogs :-)

thought it was love my dogs and then love me?

When I got married one of my vows was 'love me love my dogs' the other was 'love me love my horses'.  .......and the dogs who were never going to be allowed on the furniture sleep on the sofas and armchair and in the middle of the night he lets one up to have a sleep on the bed so we are falling off the sides and have no duvet as the dog has the best place in the middle.  When they have got old or sick and need a hand upstairs he has carried them up the stairs and back down again in the morning and that's just the husband.  Luckily both our families are all dog mad too and what other people think of me I just don't really care!


Angela, you have just describe life in our house to a tee :-)

I think that if my girls had to answer honestly, thy'd also say I need a therapist.... or even a shrink! 

They also know that is not in their best interest... =)

Oh dear Finn, this could be serious.
Hi Sue and Cash, this has happened to me very recently and it came from a very old friend so was quite hurtful at the time. I have had dogs all my life but setters only for the past 5yrs. I am living the dream as far as I'm concerned...I love my dogs and plan outings around them,I spend weeks trawling the internet for holiday homes that will take three and generally thinking of ways to make their days more interesting. I walked them every day until I couldn't and miss that "me and them" time very much. Interestingly my husband wasn't a big dog fan when we got our first setter.....just recently we were at an agility comp, someone asked if we would like two more as the Dogs Trust were there with two setters that needed rehoming...of course we went to look, they were beautiful and I was chatting to one of the girls...turned around and there was my husband, lying on the floor outside the cage "talking" to one of the setters!!!! Some people just don't "get it" but they don't know what they are missing!! I AM a therapist and i can assure you that having a pet of any kind provides the best therapy ever!! 

These are so great!  My son gave me his nasty cold and fever.  The first thing that popped in my head this morning and I realized I woke up sick wasn't that I might miss work, but rather..... how will I take Cash out!  I feel like crap!





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