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I know for sure I am not the only Neurotic Setter owner here.....

My sister in law had the nerve to tell my husband the other day (her brother) that he should convince me I need to see a therapist.  She said I am neurotic about my dog Cash.  I haven't replied to her since I am still fuming over her comment.  And she was serious when she said that to him.  If course he told me because his sister is a trouble maker and he thought it was funny.  Okay we adore our dog.  Yes I do think he is the cats meow.  Yes I do rearrange my day to be with him every afternoon for our time together when humanly possible.  If I can't leave work then my husband gets six phone calls to remind him that Cash needs his romp and walk.  That is the highlight of our day.  Spending outdoor time with him.  He must be exercised.  It isn't like a special thing we do on a nice summers day a few times a year like she does with her dog.  It is part of what makes him a great dog and a healthy dog.  Am I strange because I will rush home if I am gone too long to be with him knowing he misses us?  I thought most people had a dog to be with them!  Not park them in their house while they run around all day.  (That is her!)  Anyway has anyone told you that they felt your dog was too important to you?  Or you are not well because of that?  I have a feeling others have had people say things as well.  Screw them is my attitude.  They don't get it at all.  I know my dog park pals get it because they are out their in the harshest of weather walking with me and enjoying our time with our dogs.  I have to think of a good response to her comment.  I normally can, but I am still so speechless about her remark that I haven't decided what exactly I will say to her when I see her.  This coming from a woman who spends all her days shopping! 

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Hi Sue and Cash

I am certain you feel a lot better now. I am proud to say I am a "nutta" too. I only have experience with the Setters with spots but I am certain the reds and black and tans are pretty much the same. Have you read the story about Cider the English Setter? Every time I read this story, I cry. Hope you are feeling better very soon.

Setters....just become such a part of our families that I find I enjoy time with my Molly more than time with ladies who just wish to lunch and "itch about other ladies....shop for things they really do not need and then crab some more about the people in their life.  Molly's big complaint?  it's the fact that her Mom works part time so is not  always available to watch her hunt for hours on end in the yard. I hear no {"itching from her about others, no snide mean comments about strangers, no competition for who has the most expensive outfit on or the best house or car......Molly wants one thing from me......my love.....and she gives back more than she receives daily,

   Sue I would not even dignify the comment with an answer....don't lower yourself to someone else's standards as that is what she is hoping will happen.  Just know that there are lots of Irish, Red and White , English and Gordon Setter owners who know where the true love in life is and it is because we treasure them that our lovely furbabies love us so much.


Hope youe feel better Sue.

You could make a big joke of the situation and tell your sister in law that you heard you ought to see a therapist and say you thought it was hilarious and that it almost made you wet yourself laughing and then go into hysterics of laughter and that will give her even more to talk about.

I have enjoyed reading all of these so much.


If you're neurotic then so am I and a lot of other people using this site.  Just ignore her. Alternatively suggest that maybe she needs the therapist or at least, someone to point out to her that leaving a dog, (a pack animal) alone frequently and for any length of time amounts to cruelty.  One day her dog will be gone and she'll try and tell you that she misses it!!  And yes, lots of people I know, probably including my grown up children, think my dog is too important to me.  Years ago there was often a notice on the wall in homes with a dog, "The more I see of some people the better I like my dog".  Send your sister-in-law a postcard with this written on it. 




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