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Any one have any ideas. A certain young lady of ours, little Bronte , does not like to go out for a wee in the rain. She holds it, even if we leave her out there for some time, comes in and then promptly wees on the floor. Any ideas? The last one did this too although grew out of it a few years ago. Bronte is now 6 months old. Not keen to wait another 6 years for solutions!!

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My Lola wasn't very keen on going out in the rain either...so I would don my raincoat and stay outside with her till she did go....(followed by lots of praise and piece of cheese, naturally)...it didn't take too long as I recall...odd, because she would happilly play around with the hosepipe and get soaked with no probs at all:-))))) Good luck, I'm sure she'll get the message soon....Sammi
Hi Sammi,
yes I will don raincoat when better and try that one, with the treats of course, they will be eagerly eyed up!! Thanks, Dee and Bronte xx
Perhaps take a couple of sheets of newspaper and put them down where you wouldnt mind her going for a wee outside as maybe she was used to weeing on paper when very young.!
That is a thought, I will combine yours and Sammi's ideas, and go out with her, treats in hand (well hiding!) and paper too!! Many thanks, Dee and Bronte
She obviously dosen't like getting wet! why not meet her half way till the notion of weeing indoors is forgotten, put a covered area close to the back door, an opensided gazebo maybe?
that's a thought, kind of semi-wet area! Gazebo is a thought once the wind dies down. We live next to the sea so it is a bit breezy at the mo (and wet of course!) Thank you, Dee and Bronte x
What a great idea Cornelia. This is a really good long--term solution and certainly sounds worth the effort. After all, she is a bright lass and has been an eager pupil. Although I used to train collies, I do love training setters. They certainly respond to commands with, well, not speed but certainly style! I remember Bonnie rebelling in her youth at the local training club. Upon the command of down, guess out of 25 puppies, which was the only front end down and the only rear end still up!! (And yes, she just said, 'that's all you get, I have had enough, it's run time!!). I will give this a concerted effort. As you say, when out travelling, which we do quite often, this command can be very valuable. Enjoy your beautiful gal. Dee, Bonnie and Bronte xx
Oh can I relate to this. Dublin always hated rain. He would hold it forever rather than have to move from under the porch roof. As a puppy, about your dogs age, he would sneak into our unfinished basement and go in the way back corner on the cement floor. Too me at least it meant he knew he had to hide it, and it was as far away from his "den" as possible. We stopped leaving the door open so he had no choice but to go outside but seriously till the day he died, he would pee on the side of our house next to the steps back inside. He held poop for 12 hours if need be. But take him out the woods to run in the rain and he was just fine with that! Dogs are crazy :) They do seem to outgrow doing it inside and I also from day one used the "go pee pee Dub" chant over and over so that he knew when I meant business. And I also did a nice treat even as he was older if he went out in weather that stressed him out. And I found that he was more likely to go if I took him out on a leash in front rather than left out loose in the backyard. Change of scenery I guess.
I think you should be careful with giving treats. My Ginger makes me believe that she has to pee at least 10 times a day. :-)
ROFL Astrid. Once again they are too smart for their own good!
Dublin just sounds such a character! Iike the idea of 'go pee pee Dub', and Cornelia suggests similar with the idea of giving a clear command, just as we do when we ask our pals to sit or stand etc.I am going to make an effort to train this command. Should be fun!! Thanks, Dee, Bonnie and Bronte. xx
I understand Bronte! Our two still hate to go out in the rain. When they were Bronte's age, they did their business on the terrace, which has concrete floor, so it was half alright. However, we wanted them to go in the garden. So we walked out and covered them with huge brollies. The result: We got soaking wet, and these two dogs had their wee and stayed dry. Guess you got to get wet to lead by example - next rainy season we plan on putting up a gazebo - the things we do :))

Good luck!




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