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Have been taking Shea's water up at 7 each eve to prevent him from peeing in his crate throughout the night, but he appears really thirsty and am not sure if am doing the right thing for a 10 week old puppy. Opinions welcome please

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I leave a water bowl in each of my dogs' crates every night. They are usually empty by morning, so I know they're drinking throughout the night.

Unless he's drinking a lot after a big dry meal, or before exercise, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Dogs will self-regulate the amount of water they need.
If I don't leave the water bowls down at night, I sure has hell get well and truely told off.
Mine always have access to water. I too would get told off if I put the water up
I use to worry about this but Reuben has accesss to water right up untill bedtime which is approx 10pmish. He has never messed his crate as yet( touch wood).
7 in the evening will mean approxiamtely 10 hours without water.
That isnt realy comfortable.
Look at the other issues.

Make sure that your puppy has emptied out last thing. Go out with the puppy and put pee "on command" so that you can be sure they are empty. If you have crated puppy make sure that you have a smaller WARM space that is the bed.
sometimes if a pup gets cold through the night it will move out of the bed space and pee. so keep a space in the crate which is just easy clean paper and make nest space which will keep puppy warm.
Accidents do happen but depriving an animal of drinking water is not a good idea.
Regardless if Cash drinks much before bed or not, I have to get up once or twice even to let him go pee. He sleeps in our bed since 9 weeks or at least on his blanket in our room. He wakes me to let him out. He runs right back upstairs and goes right back to sleep. We found if we didn't get up he did pee on the carpet by the door. Now I realize I don't crate at night, so if he was in a crate perhaps he could hold it. Sometimes if he is really tired out, he goes at least 6 hours before having to go potty. I keep the light out, tell him go pee, and he just knows it's back to bed he goes. I don't expect a young dog to hold it 8 hours! And mine has access to water whenever he wants it. He is 16 weeks old tomorrow and I would love to sleep thru the night, but honestly I don't mind that he wakes me to let him out. It means I have done my job housebreaking him. Prior dogs of ours were crated at night and even then I would get up in the middle of the night and let them out if they were whining.
I never have to get up at night with Hawk from day one he sleeps all night on my bed. Until he was six months I had to wake him up in the morning to get breakfast. Very lazy boy until he wakes up then it is off and running.
I agree, dogs should have acess to fresh clean drinking water 24 hours a day and this is one of the things we as responsible dogs owners must provide ( there is a full list on the kennel club website under the good citizen dog scheme) I do also get moan at if they have drank it all and want it refilling, the IS's certainly know how to tell us exactly what they want!!
The only reason I don't leave water in the crate at night time is because Reuben would get all his bedding soaked. Then I worry about him being cold and damp. Gosh all these dogs are so different and I suspose it us what they get use to, like, dislike that dictates their routine to a certain extent.
It is meant to say "is" as opposed to "us", typo error!
Now that I think about it, Cash doesn't have overnight access to his water unless he is down there for a bathroom break. He never seems to drink overnight though. But will before heading to bed. Hence the reason we have to let him out several times a night to pee. It's my fault, but then everything is!
Louise,there is a metal ring the size of a dog dish that can be attached to the wall of the crate.The dogs drinking dish can then be inserted, which then lifts the dish of the floor so that would stop your puppy knocking it over and wetting his bedding.you do not need to have it full.I find this to be useful when i have my dogs in the car as it means they still have maximum floor space.




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