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Does anyone know if the Kennel Club (UK) have any restrictions on how many litters can be registered for a bitch in a 12 month period.  I always thought there was but I have looked on the website and cannot find anything written about it.  I know some of the breed clubs (if not all of them) have it written in their Code Of Ethics.  The reason I am asking is the latest Breed Record Supplement is showing an Irish Setter bitch having a litter on 16th April 2011 and another on 30th December 2011 so only 8 and a half months apart and obviously mated on consecutive seasons.

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oeps I did made a mistake, puppies were born on october 2011 and now there are puppies again , now I have my facts straight.

Voordat u een oordeel velgd over iemand moet u van alles op de hoogte zijn ( waarom ) en niet blindelings reageren.Indien u graag op de hoogte blijft van wat er gebeurd aangaande for the love of the breed contacteer dan eerst de fokker en geeft dan je mening.

May we have the above in English please?

I agree on that. Internet can be dangerous and furthermore...I prefer breeders, who don't sell pups to "everyone" that walks up the road, just to get them out of the house. Sometimes it is better to keep one special pup for a special home,-)))) Who knows ?

Oh please, I don't think that I judge anyone 

there's is a bitch who has puppies in october 2011, and who has puppies again in june of this year

If you think that this is because you love your dog so much than I live on another planet.

for god sake, i work in a dog shelter, we have 80 dogs in the shelter and 40 dogs on the waiting list, I see it a bit different than you

I usually never replied on things here on this forum, but this is really over the top

do you really want my to be sorry for the owner of this dog, please , what about the dog,

I agree Ania, it's a question of personal standards and ethics. Good condition or otherwise in my book there can be no valid reason to have two litters from the same bitch so close together. I just don't accept it as ethical, and I wouldn't buy a puppy from such a breeder. How could I know that I wasn't helping to condemn the poor bitch to the life of a breeding machine.

I'm researching my next puppy right now and there's tons of information out there in this internet world, basically, there's no hiding place for breeders who pretend to be reputable.




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