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Hi you all! Our irish setter Gobi has just turned 2 years old. A few days ago, we discovered a few grey hairs just under his right ear. Is this normal, is it due to stress or wrong trimming?

This is our first Irish Setter and we hope this is normal...


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grey hairs grow also after scars, bites, injuries. did he have something like this?
i am pretty sure though that it is nothing you should worry about :-)
No, no scars or injuries. Just thought it was a little strange because he's only 2!
Thanks for your reply!
most setters start to get grey on the head or chin first, as far as i know.
under the ear it really might be a trimming issue, but lets see what other people reply :-)
I know that our last setter Dub had a stray white hair or two on his neck hair that grew more in the cold weather. We called it his muffler.
And his started at 2 also. But I would laugh at the half dozen white ones sprayed here and there. No one noticed them but me. He would get a white one almost silvery on his tail once in a while too. I am sure mine was a poor example of an irish from a show stand point but he was mine, and I don't think it is greying as in aging. I bet many have a white hair here and there.
Hi Leen, Nothing to worry about as this is quite normal Best wishes Tony & Bev Drinkwater
I dont think your dog is going grey!! That usually starts around the mouth or eyes!! Stress has little to do with going grey anyway(as far as I know its genetics!!) Lots of setters have the odd stray white hair in their coats(possibly to do with their red and white ancestors!!?) Nothing to worry about!! ;o))
Hi Leen,

Don't worry about those few grey hairs under his ears ! I think your Gobi is in a good condition like his sister Gracelynn who
stays at home with us !

Many dogs have white or grey hairs behind or under theirs ears, also some white in their neck.
in any case, it's not a problem, Probably from genetics like Carmel said.

PLease, can you send us a photo of your Gobi ? It will be a great pleasure to see him again !
I would,nt worry about a few grey hairs,however in humans underative thyroid an cause premature whitening of hair so i would check out thyroid function.
You must cut of the grey hair before it spreads ;) Hurry hurry!
Hi all,

thanks for all the answers. It's nice to see such reassuring feedback. I guess I don't have to be nerveous anymore when reading this. As Jean says it is probably genetic I just wanted to make sure he's allright :-)

Hello Jean, thank you for answering as well, Gobi is doing fine, he's very active and always a joy to have around. We couldn't have wished for a sweeter dog! We will send some pictures to you soon!




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