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Hi All, 

Has anyone noticed the setters coats condition changing after neutering? 

We are considering getting Brett done a few months now , and in the past few weeks hes been trying to hump everything around him, so we definitely want to get it done.
But ive heard that the coat loses its glossiness and the condition of it in general isnt great. 

Advise much appreciated , 
thanks, Jackie 

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What age is Brett?
He will grow out of the "humping" he wont grow out of a neuter coat -(smile!!)
Hi Ossian, Hes 14 months. Gosh i hope he grows out of it :)
If he is 14 months he is just going to the big boys school - is he lifting his leg to pee?

Its all about growing up, being a boy, asserting himself.

You know how sometimes little boys will play at "how high can you pee?" I think this is the dog equivalent

Neuter/spay changes the hormone balance and I cannot see how that will NOT change the coat..
With a great deal of extra work you can still keep a coat on a setter looking nice. Good trimming, conditioning and a daily grooming session makes it manageable. If you take your eye off the ball though the coat matts very quickly and loses condition. It can become dry and flyaway or dull and lifeless. My two bitches are stripped off for that reason. I got really fed up cutting out huge matts that seemed to appear almost overnight.

Rather think about when and how he mounts and who and what and then some of us will give you some "distraction advice"
I agree with Ossian.... All the setters I have known that were neutered have had "matty and dull" coats even some Vets have tried to tell me it doesn't alter the coat but I know it does!!!!
Henry went through a stage of humping his bed covers a few months ago, but at 10 mths now he seems to have settled down into a nice young gentleman!!!! Ha Ha I hope I am not speaking toooo soon, but will I NOT be getting him neutered.
There is loads of information on neutering and spaying in the Forum area. This one being the most recent
I personally can't understand anyone having a dog neutered or a bitch spayed unless it's for health reasons. I have all bitches in my house and they are humping each other all the time especially if one is in season.
Hi, I am in the same position and am more on the side of not neutering for lots of reasons mentioned but totally decided as yet. Reuben will be 12 months at end of month and has been cocking hid leg for a while now. His humping seems to have lessened and he gets a firm 'No, how dare you' when he does and it seems to work. He only really does it when very excited or new people come to the house. Or my eldest son and mum but that could be because of the scent of their dogs on them. Now I am not sure if Reuben matured quite quickly or the worst is yet to come as he is quite calm and good for a teenager. He does get some negative attention from other castrated dogs and this would probably be one of the
reasons I would consider neutering if gets worse. However he may turn into a terrible teen overnight and I may reconsider neutering then! I am trying to keep an open mind and work through it and hope it is just a phase to get through.
totally agree with the above .. never had anything neutered unless bitches speyed because of pyometra .. and never had any problems with my dogs or bitches .. maybe just lucky! However was horrified to have a call from one of my new puppy owners who's vet was asking them to have their boy pup done before six months old .. hands up in horror!! How can you qualify changing the look, personality and beauty of a mature Irish Setter dog? Without the ability for his hormones to mature as nature intended then that will happen. What was the point in owning such a majestic breed. Enough of being on my soapbox. There are other training methods as mentioned above that will help overcome Brett's problem .. don't ruin his elegance just for convenience xx
Cash is getting done tomorrow morning and he is 7 months old. I didn't sleep a wink with concerns about changing his lovely personality, and well his coat already looks a bit wild since he is a fuzzy monster since birth. I find for the week after his bath he is fly aways and hair all over and it settles down a bit as the oils come back to the coat. I will hopefully have a good looking boy after all is said and done. Paws crossed that all goes well. Dublin was done young and his coat while not feathered much was gorgeous with luster and shine. Cash is a duller look to me and I am not sure with his wild hairdo if I will notice much difference in it. He has to be brushed and conditioned everyday to stay looking decent. I have heard its a crap shoot if the coat will change or not.
Why? He is still a puppy!
thanks everyone, good to hear the points of view, ill be thinking of distractions and see how that goes.... x
Just a curious question whilst on this subject- do the dogs grow out of humping and do their hormone levels drop significantly? I mean do they have a life long term of sexual frustration?
Yes he looks fab!




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