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Would like to know that all our NZ friends are doing OK and not too badly affected by the earthquake over there today?


Anyone from NZ got any news?

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Hi Gayle,

Glad to hear your kids are well catered for.....although I am sure they might start to wonder at the rations being cutI.....I am venturing out this morning, so not sure what I will find...roads might be a bit of a concern especially around Kaiapoi....might try and get some milk, although do have have milk powder in the cubboard in needs be....I don't think I want to pay those hiked up prices....will have black coffee/tea...;-)))

Some of the othershocks were eye openers.....very very scary....I think we are all getting a little edgy now....not nice at all......

take care
More quakes over night - with two at 5.4 and one at 5.1 can't say they are just after shocks. Dogs not too happy esp Gandalf who was trapped in the office when the big one struck on Saturday. I took him and Daisy back to bed with me last night when the first one came at 11.30pm and Lionel stayed in the family room with the other dogs. Can't say you can sleep when these jolts continue. The poor people whose homes are already destroyed and those who have serious damage with these additional quakes. Amazing the people who have been working around the clock to make Christchurch and surrounding areas safe before the cleanup can start. Many areas still have no water, sewage or power still. We are very lucky not to have had any serious damage and to have our services.
My goodness! 5.4 really sounds more than an after shock!
I'm so glad you are coping well and thankfully no injuries to life and limb, even if property is lost or damaged. Poor Gandalf, but at least he's with you now.
Hope all goes well for the clean up operation when it can start. All the best to you and yours.
Glad to hear most you are all ok down there in New Zealand, but sorry to hear of all the devastation. The dogs have great peception of earthquakes,well ahead of them happening, so I can understand them being very uneasy.
Stay safe everyone, we are all thinking of you.




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