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5 puppies of the litter between my Irish Setter male dog Lohmann’s Milan and the bitch Lohmann’s Krambambuli at the Kennel Wenzl’s Master of desaster have more or less a white line on their heads. Somewhere I’ve read something of the “Palmerston-line”. The white line on their heads could be a criteria of their ancestry going back on of the founding dogs of that Irish Setter race Ch.Palmerston, KCSB 5138. I’ve read in the book “Pointer und Setter” of Waldemar Marr, that Palmerston was a single-colored Irish Setter with a white blaze on his head and that he was a strong inheritor. A sign of a closer relationship to that ancestor Palmerston could be the “Palmerston-line” – a white line on the heads.
So I have read only that Palmerston was a “big Champion with many titles” – so my question is: what titles? Working titles or Showtitels? And the other question is: could anyone show my more pictures of Palmerston on which you can see the white blaze?

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My boy, Clancy, who is now 11 months old, has the Palmerston Strip on the top of his head and he also has a lovely white flash. Clancy had a white milk chin, but it has now gone. I have had 4 male IS over the years and they have all had a white flash, but I have had 3 girls and they have been solid red. I would be interested to have your thoughts - Do the boys tend to have the white more than the girls?

Here is a pic of my Clancy taken 2 weeks ago - I was trying to take a photo of him so he decided to leap at me, but it does show his strip and his flash.
>Do the boys tend to have the white more than the girls?< Cheryl asked. Yes.
I remembered this topic yesterday and i decided to re-read it...
Pitanga's litter is now 1 month, and I have 3 puppies that were born with the white line on the head. One is fading away, but two are just as when the pups were born!
Most of them also have white on their chests or throats. The little girl that had the white line that faded also has the tip of her toes painted in white!
Oh and i also got "milk chins".
Both mom and dad are from working/hunting lines.

My question is, after all, is there any meaning to any of these marks? And are any of this marks a reason to "punish" the dog on a show ring?
My Twoacres bitch has a Palmerston strip, I just love it. it comes and goes with her coat changes. When she was a tiny puppy it was big splodge but just a strip now on the top of her head.

I read that palmerson was a failed gundog in Ireland that was to be shot but someone took him to London and showed him.




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