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As an interim measure until the official register provided by the Kennel Club is fully up and running, the SEISC has decided to offer an opportunity for owners to post their recent PRA rcd4 DNA test results.
This will be on our PRA rcd4 page.
This is available to all owners worldwide not just SEISC members and will be in a similar format to that already used by the Kennel Club.

For further details please see the Club website www.seisc.co.uk.


Listing will be available sometime today - slight kink in my "html"  !!

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Great news Kasia and Denise.  cheers

Thank you Cheryl :)

Thanks Cheryl, great news eh Susan!


In other words, Mel - what is known as being between Hell and high water LOL!

Yes I do understand, as long as we can do the best for our breed and test this out, thats the main thing. My other girl, Tilly - Hawkdown Heaven Sent is a CARRIER - Redclyst Thomas the Rymer x Oldestone Maid in Heaven. Just have to wait and see what the AHT come up with next, what else can we do!!

Copper's Music And Paws 'Danka' (Balintyne Coppers Home Run x Copper's Prinsessan På Ärten) - CARRIER.

would loved to have her clear and skip testing her kids, including my very own Zilou.

keeping fingers crossed for kids Lau!

i hope that the others from the puppy buyers are clear. i can cope with Zilou being a carrier :-)

Biggy is a pet, Bella might have a litter if everything else is okay as well (hips, etc). Glady has some enquiries already, so he has to be tested for sure. Zilou - lets see if she manages to look good as an adult :-)

Sory about Danka, but pleased Dad is clear so no worries with the kids:-))

pleased that at least Dickens was clear, so no issues with your litter!

Laura, mach dir keine sorgen. Wir drücken die daumen für die kleine.





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