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Due to problems accessing the AHT website Dr Nigel Holmes has kindly agreed to extend the "promotional code" for the South fo England Irish Setter Club until 31st August. Unfortunately the original code cannot still be used so a new one has had to  be issued and will have to be obtained again from the SEISCwebmaster. The AHT apologises for any inconvenience caused!

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Sh Ch Ixia Genevieve (Jenny) - affected. We are devastated, I can say no more.

I feel very sorry for all those with 'affecteds' and wish you all courage with coming to terms with the new situation.

Tension mounting here as I await results.

I wasn't ignoring the pups status, I knew that Sue wanted to state it herself.

One of the worst things about this is that our beautiful boys are affected.

Sandra is terribly upset too, as you can imagine. 

It's hard to think positively at the moment but we must try and concentrate on the future.

Best wishes to all who have had better results than us.

I can't agree more Mel no one is to blame, it is just dreadful luck....but it isn't the end. I think forward is the only way to go now, no back stabbing accusations or anything like that all pull together and go forward...this breed will come through and survive....
This is such a painful journey for you and I am so sad to hear your news - thinking about you all x
sue so sorry about your puppy words cant count for anything at present but thinking of you all debs and sandra at this terrible time.
To Deb, Sue and Sandra,  I am so sorry to hear  your news
hi debs i am gutted for you words ca
nt express how sorry i am but thinkin of you all at such a dreadful time for you.hugs to you and yours

Deb, Bob, Hannah,

I am so so sorry....thinking of you......

I am so sorry Deb  and Sue to read these results.  My heart just sank... can't imagine how you are all doing.  This is a very anxious time for everyone too. Cheryl xx

H Debs

Feel so sorry for you ... am thinking of you.

Deb,Sue and Sandra, I am very sorry to hear your results and understand how devastated you all must feel. This dog

breeding hobby of ours can be such a heart ache at times! We all try to breed lovely Irish Setters and to get ones that make

it to the top to get their titles requires dedication,considerable effort ,time and money..Having achieved this, it seems so cruel

that some new scientific development can take the floor from underneath us! Thinking of you all!




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