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Maybe most of you know these books or linkages, but I want to publish them here for those whow didn't know and are interested in:

"Shooting on upland, marsh, and stream : a series of articles writ...

-> there is an article from John M. Tracy about the Pointer and Setter used for hunting
-> one important citation: "The very best field dog I ever saw was an Irish Setter; yet, seek as I will. For those who shoot a great deal, and work the same dog on a great variety of game, there is no dog like a good Irish Setter."

I also find a nice painting from him

John Martin Tracy (1843-1893), Irish Setter on Point, 1890, Oil on canvas

"A history and description of the modern dogs of Great Britain and ...
-> Chapter XVII is about the Irish Setter
-> one important citation: "When properly and perfectly trained, the red setter has shown us that no other variety can beat him. I should conscientiously say that, from what I have observed in his work of late years, and I have seen all the best dogs run, that the Irish setter is as dashing, as energetic, as stylish as the best English dog I ever saw. I believe he, as a general rule, will do a long and hard day's work better than any other breed of setter. His stamina is extra-ordinary."

"The Irish Setter - Its History & Training" from Colonel J.K. ...

"The setter: instructions how to breed, rear, and break; dog shows...

"The Setter: with Notices of the Most Eminent Breeds Now Extant: I...

this are only some examples for old books - maybe we can complete it with other books & linkages to have here a source of knowledge free found at the internet

old books are expensive (I hope one day to find a millionaire to buy those books ;-)) but maybe this is a possiblity to read them for free

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Thanks for those Michaela! Beautiful painting!!
Thanks for sharing Michaela!!!!!
It certainly is a beautiful painting - wish I had it in my collection.
I do have two copies of the Laverack book. One is an original and the other is a facsimile, which, from memory, I bought through the English Setter Association in England, many years ago. I also have some of Laverack's prints framed on the walls.




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