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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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I keep mine close, especially since I had all the 'bloat' in the '80's I have then with me 24/7 just in case....well that's my excuse, and I could see in my mind's eye the lovely picture of your Bajka nestling in your lovely new bedding, wonderful. ;0)))
Most definately. Danny sleeps next to me and Kerry by my husbands feet. Very often poor old hubby has to fight for bed space with them.
No, absolutely not especially durig the night. Sometimes (few times a year) I allow sleeping on a bed during the day.
Christine, your words about labrador-mix remembered me my friends who has airedale terrier - she doesn't want to sleep with peoples in bed. So many times I'm invited on their cottage for weekend under special condition that my dogs sleep with them. Especially Wiesio was really squeezed and crumpled but very, very happy after night with my 3 setter (at that time also with Pielgrzym who was really big boy).
Uhhhm, yes...on the bed and on the couch.
We are a family of four - 2 x 4 legs and 2 x2 legs.

As we share a king size bed and a huge couch, there is no problem. Our family life is great!

Mine sleep out in the kennel keeping one another company.The oldie stay in the house on his bed. Id love the dogs if i was alone.Id have a choice.
Not only does Kelsey sleep in bed with me, he promptly retreats to the bedroom every night between 9 and 10 like clockwork, regardless of whether or not I am with him. Basically tucks himself in. And he is a bed hog too.
hahaha :) Yes. mine actually has a reputation of "spooning". that's how he sleeps - all 4 up spooning against my leg. :))) he also does this to the visitors which wake up in the middle of the night with the dog sleeping with them and two cats around their head staring at them . :-D
oh, and he will sleep right next to me on the loveseat couch while I am working on laptop on watching tv. in case I fall asleep on it he will try to get up and lay with me. Bear in mind that my legs stick out anyways outside of this very small couch and the big red dog still insisting that he should be sleeping on it as well :))) usually i just kick him off and he goes to sleep in the armchair :P rough life :)
Do I have a bed :) Really I thought it was they who let me sleep in it!! Just joking....my 6 year old does sleep in her own bed but my youngest frequently cuddles in sometime during the night!
Yes he moves bed to bed day and night. He is a big cuddle bug and loves to be under the covers.
Mine don't start off on our bed. They sleep on their cusions on the floor in our room. As soon as morning comes and my husband gets up first, my Irish Tess is in his spot instantly, head on pillow, giving me her paw and saying 'good morning'. Megg, my English girl gets on too but she's happy to lie on the end. Not as sooky as my red-head.




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