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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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Daisy and Rowena sleep on our bed and also have their own beds in our bedroom which they retreat to when it is hot. We have a superking bed. The 'before getting up' routines include big cuddles and kisses, licks and special songs - us and Rowena, Daisy just purrs. We brought our couches in the family room to suit the dogs - the arms are at the right height for setter heads. They also have beautiful Over The Top beds, so have a choice where to snooze during the day and in the evening until bed time. It is a dog's life!
Yes, it certainly is a 'dogs life' Gayle. I agree. When our kids were little, they'd wake in the night and come into our bed for comfort. Now they've grown and moved out, my Setter girls do exactly the same thing. Must admit, I love it knowing they are there with us. We don't have a 'superking bed' like you, but that is definately on my 'wish list'. My girls also have very nice, very comfortable cushion beds on their own, but for some strange reason, they prefer ours than theirs. Mmmmmmm.
My 5 managed to get on the bed and go to sleep this morning without me even waking up (I was tired). I dread to think how many times Pasha kissed me while I was asleep, but your right they are so special.
of course Conner sleeps with me! :) I put him on my bed on the first day in our home (when he was 8 weeks puppy, I was so yearning for a dog, was waiting for him 6 months, after my Tara past away-she also slept with me) and he stayed :)

Yep, all three Irish Setters and my husband and I are piled on one King Sized bed...it always amazes me the different configurations we come up with to sleep. However my boy does get up and down a couple of times each night to do the once around the house just in case. I often times look accross three red dogs and wish my husband pleasant dreams!
I never agreed with putting dogs on the bed, and therefore Pitanga slept in her own bed on the floor, next my my bed when i got her. Then she sarted to grow, and one day she was big enough to jump to my bed...She sleeps with me since that day and i love having her :)
LOL! The question for me would be..."am I allowed to sleep on THEIR bed?" I laugh at myself the number of times I sleep sideways or on the very edge of the bed while they are stretched out all over. Both of my dogs are 'sprawling sleepers'.
I read all the comments again and while reading a question crossed my mind. All of you who are married or in a relationship:
When do you have the time to have sex, if your dogs sleep with you in the bed all night, every night?? I was just wondering...... ;))
That crossed my mind too!! But I'm sure happy couples can find other places other than the bedroom!!!!!!??;o))
and smart dogs know when to leave a bed for a while ;)))
correct! :-) or even the room :-)))
exactly Lau! :)




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