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Looks like we've finally found a raw food and homeopathic remedy that works for Rosco and helps to control the chronic bloating. These last few days he's in bounding form and back to the cheeky and confident Rosco we used to know. He's had little wind and no threats of bloating. I can't believe this problem has been ongoing nearly a year he's such a fighter.

The food that works is the lamb with the added vitamins/minerals which help with digestion from http://www.naturalinstinct.com/products/Lamb.html and the remedy Lycopodium. He also gets the green Tripe.

The Lycopodium works well with his personality. It helps to treat a dog with anxiety, flatulence, bloating and digestion problems.

Rosco has been through operations, biopsies, immune suppressant treatment, and alot of other drugs. I'd really advise anyone to try the homeopathic route and raw diet first.

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Thats great news Rita;o))) Sounds like he is himself again!! I presume he will travel to Sweden next year!?;o) Lots of hugs from his Red Family;o)

We won't know till January as he'll need to have a good level of fitness and continue to do well. He broke his harness looking to run on a walk during the week so he really wants to work. Will take him out on Sunday for his first mush, his tongue will be flying. He needs to be built up slowly so he'll cover short distances first. 

Well, fingers crossed he can get fit for mushing in Sweden;o)))

So good to hear that Rosco is enjoying some good health, Rita. Best wishes.

glad rosco is on the way back to been his old self rita.it must have been such a stressful time for rosco and those who had to watch him sending him hugs and kisses

Thats great.....my dogs are on the Barf diet and are doing great, we have had dogs mainly irish for over 30 yrs and yes they lived long lifes but were they totaly healthy I would say no. Poor appitites and Penny one of my irish had contant ear infections a skin infection where she went bald on her chest and spent the last few years of her life on steroids.


I felt I let my dogs down even though Wilma was 16 yrs went she passed.

I have done a lot of research on the raw diet and have found I could have stop the discomfort they had.


I now have two youngsters who have been on a total raw diet since they came to live with me.

Scarey at first watching them eat raw chicken bones and whole fish and I am still learning more about the diet but am so glad I have. They never leave a morsel....That a lie the first time Riley had a whole fish only a small one he would not eat the head dont think he liked it looking at him...lol...but he eats it now.




The barf diet really works well for our reds....balancing it out can take a while. You didn't let your dogs down Jennie, you tried to solve the problem and that's what good owners do. We can only learn by our mistakes and move forward and do the best for our dogs.

There's 2 of our dogs that don't like fish with the heads on, I give them salmon strips instead. 

Thank you for this information - good luck with your boy 

Rita that is great news with Rosco.  Your mention of Lycopodium is very interesting as it has also long been used on people who get bloat and digestive problems through anxiety.  Irish are a very sensitive breed and we all know that stress/anxiety and stomach upsets go hand in hand. May I ask what potency you give Rosco and how frequently?

Eva I gave him 200cc of the Lyco, once a day for 3 days. You start with testing the remedies for 3 days in a row. If you see an improvement you continue and then the dog gets weaned off through time. Rosco may only need to get 2 now a week max. I also have the 1m potency here but that is for massive bloats if he has one.

We've tried Nux Vomica and Carbo Veg aswell and these dealt with the bloat. It was the hidden anxiety we needed to deal with. Rosco would nearly bring on the bloats himself as he was getting anxious about his next feeding time.

Jonola I'm so sorry to hear about Leo :(

That's very interesting Rita, thank you for the info.  Let's hope Rosco goes onto a maintenance dose pretty quickly.

Most people assume that the predisposition to Bloat is purely inherited but every case I have had, and I have personally only had 4 dogs that bloated in 40 years though I have bred another 3 cases, have been accredited to anxiety/stress.  I am glad that you have been able to diagnose the underlying problem.  Fingers very much crossed for your boy.   


My only bloater, Milo, always had a gas problem and it was always triggered by stress, including overexcitment too!!




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