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Hi Guys,

my darling Memphis loves water of course he's does he's a Setter. the only thing i was wondering if any one has an idea how to keep the darn bowl in place. In the house he paddles in it and blows bubbles i think it is a hoot thats not so bad as i have it on a rubber mat, his new trick is to pull the mat out and up turn the bowl over is is a real heavy china one, he can do it with out the mat as well. he has a paddling pool outside to play in course that not so much fun. I must keep it in the house like dog to always have water expecialy now it is getting so hot. Do the non spill ones work in a house or only in a car where they stick onto carpet.

all ideas will be tried.

cheers Rosie

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Hello Rosie


I have metal tankards in a standard ..its better for the dog than a bowl on the floor ..

And it is match more stable than a bowl on the ground

Ah, that's why I have here too.  They can still blow bubbles in in if they wish, but no more paddling or wet floors.


Errol's using the same feeding stand and the floor is still wet because all he does is drink like a fish and then let the water run out of his mouth onto the floor whilst looking at me with a "so what you're going to do about it?" expression. He does this several times a day. My suggestion: invest in lots of towels!
hahaah mine too!!

Hello Rosie,

I use a BUDDY spillproof Bowl.

Even when the bowl is on its side, the water stays inside.

Also oké for Errol. My Spencer drinks the same way. With the bowl, after drinking, only a few drips of water on the ground.

Thanks for the hint Viviane. Will investigate. However, I fear the problem is not the spillage per se but the kick he gets out of making a mess. No clever bowl design will ever change that.  :)

mmmm i think we are bad.. we use a normal large bowl from IKEA and i dry all water from around the bowl every single times Oberon drinks, when I am at home looking at him of course..otherwise there is some splitted water around if he drinks while we are away.. but we have tiles, no carpets, so is not a disaster if there are some splits around for a few hours in the day..

plus I try to dry his mouth as well (almost impossible, since everytime we dry his mouth then he starts drinking a little bit more again, and this dry-and-wet dry-and-wet mouth is our routine every single evening till midnight or so ;)




We were advised to put a brick in our large water bowl - it worked at stopping our playful boy lifting the bowl and spilling water everywhere! We no longer need to use the brick now, maybe he thinks it's still in there and doesn't try lifting the bowl up anymore!?

Our young dog is really messy when he drinks, he blows bubbles and we had to put towels all over the floor to mop up the water. Recently we got a new bowl it is just plastic but it is quite heavy so doesnt move around, it is like a water well around the top but also has a floating platform that lets up a little water at a time as they drink it.They still can have as much as they like but they have to drink more slowly and they dont make a mess and we have a dry floor. It is called the road refresher. 


Our kitchen floor is just a series of puddles! Darwin doesn't drink, he rinses his mouth with water. He gets his teeth rinsed, then wanders round the kitchen with water running from every corner of his mouth. He returns to the bowl and starts all over again! When he tries to lap up the water, he just causes a tsunami with his tongue, and waves gush all over the floor!

Hehehe, mouth wash is that what it's called?!


Hi All,

I knew you would come up with some great ideas I can try. it is nothing to do with being house proud would hate him to spill it all if i am out (not often) on a hot day.

will look into the suggestions and see what i can buy over here. do have a good mop and lots of towels. given up wiping his mouth its only water any way.

thanks again you clever mad IS lovers Rosie





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