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I have a 5 month old little girl.  She has weepy eyes quite a lot of the time, it doesnt seem to be discoloured however, any ideas what it could be. 

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Sorry, can' help. I think it is probably best to have the vet check her eyes.
I have found that occasionally this kind of thing can be normal for the dog...............however, I would be suspicious that perhaps your puppy might have entropion.

It's where the eyelids roll inwards toward the eye allowing some of the eyelashes to lie against the eye surface causing extreme irritation. It is a known problem in some Irish but a relatively simple operation can correct it. It is regarded as hereditary, and therefor if your puppy has got this, she shouldn't be bred from.

I would strongly advise a visit to your Vet.

Hopefully she hasn't got Entropion, good luck.

Dawn R.
She is going next week for her 6 month check up - so will have a word with the vet. I have wondered at times, cause when she is sleepy, her eyes look really droopy, you can see the red eyelid, but at other times her eyes look fine.

I do hope its not entropian, as she also has an umbilical hernia which will have to be corrected at some point, but will face that if we do come to it. My Bobby who is 13 had a prolapsed eyelid when he was a puppy and he had about two operations before that was corrected properly.

Thanks Dawn will let you know how we get on.
Hi Michelle, given what you have just said about the droopiness and the red eye lid showing, it may be ectropian (which is opposite of entropian) where the eyelid is loose and the red eye lid shows.

However, I had a young male. who from about 3-4 months of age had weepy eyes. He wasn't entropic or ectropic, but just loose eyelids! I used to wash his eyes daily with some natural eye wash as the dust and sometimes the bushes used to irritate them. The good news was that as he matured and his head developed, the looseness settled and his eyelids tightened.

Also, sometimes when the puppy is tired the eyelid tends to droop more, which is why you might be only seeing it then. Also, if she has an anaesthetic, it would probably appear worse!

Hope everything goes well at the vet for her check-up.
Yes, Fran I totally agree. Get the diagnosis first to rule out entropian or ectropian. I know of a young male Irish at about 9months over here who had to have his entropian operated on as the inturned eyelashes were causing such an irritation that the eye was becoming ulcerated. If the diagnosis is made, then the appropriate operation requires to be done for the health of the animal.
Just to let you know - Dana had her check up, wasnt Entropian. They think she may have blocked tear ducts, they did a dye test and that is what they think it is. They not going to do anything at this stage, they gonna wait until she is older, as its not affecting her sight and there appears to be no irritation. On the good side, they examined her Umbilical Hernia and it seems this has improved on its own, so no operation, phew. They are a worry.
Hi Michelle, it's good to hear that things are working out OK and that it wasn't entropion. Thank goodness.

Best wishes, Dawn Riddell.
Hello Michelle, glad to hear your pup dosen't have entropion. If you want to get an expert opinion, there are the BVA eye clinics that cost about £25. Professor Bedford does a lot of them and he is regarded as the top bloke, a referal to see him cost many times that! Here is a list of soon to be clinics http://www.dogworld.co.uk/Show-calendar/Eye-heart-testing




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