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I have a new puppy coming home in four weeks and have always fed Purina Pro Plan, but the Salmon and Rice with no corn or wheat in it. I was considering using Wellness large breed puppy or Innova large breed puppy. My husband wants to stick with Pro Plan Selects Turkey and Barley for puppies. I am undecided and wondered what the others use. I should add the puppy is coming to us on Eukanuba, and I have never fed Iams/Eukanuba products and not sure I like how many glutens and grains are in their products.Thanks.

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Hi Andy, I agree with you. Check the date of my previous post. I did have some doubts about the BARF diet, but that was 3 years ago. ;-)

Hi Astrid. I did notice the date of your post. Do you raw feed now?

I have owned Irish setters for over thirty years and I feel the raw diet is the best I can offer my dogs. After doing lots of research I fail to see how people can still feed some of the commercial foods knowing what the ingredients are.


Hi Andy, sorry for the late reply. No, I am not feeding raw now. It is not my choice but the dogs choice. They where used to eat dry food, I tried to feed them raw but they didn't like it. Now I am feeding the best dry food and give them some raw things and homemade snacks.

I had my dogs raw diets checked out by the nutritionist at Queens vet school, Cambridge, who said I couldn't be feeding them anything better. Some vets are becoming more aware, so why do all the vet students at Queens walk around wearing Hills Science Diet shirts????  clever marketing by multi-national corporations who are the wizards of marketing and spin, and who also offer the crock of gold to places who feel they are strapped for much needed funds....... sighs, and yet people are quick to shout that Dr. Karen Becker and Mercola are money the rakers. Yawn, yawn, yawn.  Bored now. I'm off.

I have just put my dogs onto Pinkertons CHALLENGE Premium Salmon and Potato. Has anybody had good or bad experiences with it they would like to share. I do use it as a 'biscuit' because I feed meat and tripe as well. It is supposed to be free of all artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Certainly reading the Ingredients seems to confirm this, unlike ProPlan or Royal Canin etc. It could be a cheaper alternative to ORIJEN.

we have been using it for 18 months dogs love it.One dog has salmon oil available from their sister company Mariners choice.Our three on kibble only with occasional treats my daughters one has a raw diet but if you not organised and run out of veg dog can get constipated. the premium has omega suplements as they say joint maintenance should start at puppy stage

thanks for this, Fran.
feed our two on Orijen, I know its not cheap but well worth it,
That's what I am feeding too. Acana Lamb & Apple Dog or Orijen. The first bag of Eukanuba came with the pup. Now this brand is banned out of this house forever. Compare the ingredients of those brands and you will discover that Eukanuba contains a lot of stuff that's not good for your dog.
what about tripe??????green tripe our dogs love it,u cant believe the difference it makes!!!i mix it with kibble,purina pro plan salmon for sensitive skin and stomach,when the babys get about twelve weeks we feed them eagle pack until theyre a year old.that just insures the proper growth of the babys,sometimes people tend to feen a to fat pr to high protein to the young babys and that sometimes causes problems or so ive heard,weve had great success!
green tripe purina pro plan salmon-----younger dogs eagle pack
Someone on this site recommended the Whole Dog Journal to me years ago. They do a yearly review of various dog foods, which have to meet certain criteria to make their list, including that they are all organic and disclose the sources of their ingredients and manufacturing methods. They do not accept advertising and a subscription is something like 20 bucks. It will review a variety of foods for you and their ingredients. I have been using Nature's Variety, and I believe that manufacturer also has a raw diet if you wanted to avoid processed. It allows for rotational feeding - I can switch between the various varieties within the brand without having to gradually adjust my Kelsey to it. Good luck!




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