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If at the age of 6 months to 1 year you renamed you dog by his/her caracter what would their new names be ????????

ABBIE - Velcro or dustybin ( sticks to you like glue, and eats anything )

SOFIE - Bouncer or horizon hugger ( took a long time not to jump up, when off lead just runs )

ELSA - Shadow or shreder ( Always just behind me and chews/eats EVERYTHING )

But all of them could be called Princess

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I didn't have my Romeo at that age, Angela, but i think he was perfectly named as he is most definately a lover boy!

Barkley I would call Bramble

Tallulah I would call Truly (truly scrumptious)

DaisyMae I would call Dash or Dizzy Wiz

Rua-- Mother Hen or Bossy!!

Milo-Clown!! (Crazy lovable boy!)

Megan-Barker! (mad and noisy!)

Abbey-Birdie!!(loves hunting for birds!)

Fia-Sweetie!! (clever and huggable)

At that age, Pitanga would have to be renamed Grumpy! But now, aged 5, she'd be renamed Lady or Queen!

Romã would always be renamed Dreamer! =)

Kerry is named after Kerry Packer, a business man. His stare when people sit on his favorite seat on the couch, his attitude that dog food is beneath him and general demeanor indicates I could not have picked a better name.

He does have nick names Kez Booz, Kerry Boo and a few not for printing when he chases swallows.

Gracie very soon acquired the name of Bumble as she was always bumbling around, it stuck and she is regularly called Gracie Bumble now and yes she still bumbles around !

My darling Inca who I lost six months ago often got called stinky Incs due to her bog snorkelling habits, I'd give anything to have that smell in my life again, and the pools of dribbled water all over the floor, and the ginger fuzz clinging to my rugs....etc etc xx

Dino was the whirling dervish!                     Dollar was always introduced as 'Dollar... cos he's worth a million'.

Copper was 'Uncle' to Delta who became 'Del boy' much to the disgust of his breeder!

Amber was 'Li'l Am'. Scarlet was 'scallywag'.

Shea was Shea!:) or Shea Shea cos you couldn't get enough of him, a bit like Bridie is Bridie Bridie.

Padishar was Padi or 'Pad the lad' and his sister Damson was Dazzle.

Pippin was 'Pippy puppy'

Rumor was Ruby roo and referred to as 'Rumor has it..' He always had it whatever it was, usually my gloves.

Kiefer is shortened to Kif or 'you old fool' (not nice!)

Steo is already a shortened version of Stephen, named for the  late Stephen Gately of Boyzone, cos we loved his voice and Steo sings too!

Finn is 'Hooley' as his kennel registered name is Cuchulainn. Callum is called all sorts of names as he's the red devil:)

There endeth the past and present list...

My mother seems to have been the one who renamed my boys

She called Muffin- Plum Duff?

Paddy - Nic Nak (Paddy wak)

But we gave Finlay middle names all begining with F, so he's Finlay Ffion Finbar Flynn, which the gallic meanings roughly mean, brave, handsome, red or ruddy, so no i wouldn't rename as i think thats just what he is (",) 

The youngest here changed names soon, thanks to my daughters.

Summertime Lady became Wolfie because of her wolflike singing.

Ceasar is nicknamed Beertje (Little Bear), he's a stronglooking softie.

Old Echlin celebrating his 15th next month is nicknamed Ekkie.

Giulla always stayed Giulla, I guess because the name sings in itself.

Hamilton called Lord Hamilton because he definitely Lords it around
Micawber who came to us at 10mths as Max but sadly we needed to change his name as my ex had the same and would never do anything he was asked. So very gradually he became Mac and then Micawber with Mr added by his trainer. So Lord Hamilton and Mr Micawber

My 2 are named Ben - Bedoion - don't ask!!!

& Ruby - well Ruby's just Ruby a Jewel of a Setter

Bramble is often "Bambles"... Erin I'm afraid is simply known as "Crazy Erin"... and Glen is just "Bonkers" (very aptly named). Annie is "Tiny Tot" or "Knirpsli" in Swiss-German.




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